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  1. Sveneng

    New to the boards, previous cabriolet owner and about to be silly?

    I’ve had mine for over four years now. Like you I considered the 3.0l diesel as a more sensible choice but still with reasonable performance. However I really wanted the V8 and after viewing several finally found “the one”. I haven’t regretted it for a second, the sound is worth it alone. They...
  2. Sveneng

    Convertible roof sticking

    If the tray lid switch thought it was in the up position then I don’t think you’d get the roof to move at all. Try it with the tray in the up position and you should see no movement and a corresponding warning.
  3. Sveneng

    Sqreeching front brake pads

    I’ve just fitted front Brembo discs and pads. No screeching noises on application of the brakes.
  4. Sveneng

    Parking sensor module permanent live

    Just to update, found the switched live. NHM, thanks again for your help.
  5. Sveneng

    Parking sensor module permanent live

    That would make sense to me I but couldn’t find the ignition switched just the permanent one.
  6. Sveneng

    Parking sensor module permanent live

    Thanks NHM, that’s the way I was leaning towards, just a bit more effort. Surprised to find the module has a permanent live to it though.
  7. Sveneng

    Parking sensor module permanent live

    I’m refining the reverse camera I fitted recently and need to give it a live feed from an ignition switched source. I thought the parking sensor module would be the perfect candidate as it’s located near the rest of the cabling I’ve put in. However, when I’ve checked it it’s still live even when...
  8. Sveneng

    I've gained a new car somehow.

    Different fuel? Colder ambient air temp?
  9. Sveneng

    Aftermarket Headunit & steering controls

    Another vote for a Connects2 kit. Retains all of the steering wheel controls. You’ll lose the display in your instrument cluster for Nav if you currently have it with your factory head unit though.
  10. Sveneng

    Cabriolet reversing camera solution

    I’ve just returned a second Dynavision trunk handle reversing camera assembly due to poor fitment and quality. All of the dimensions were off which meant the number plate light connections and boot handle switch required manipulation to get them in correctly but then still sat proud. The...
  11. Sveneng

    New (to me) S4 Avant - Dashcam Query

    I don’t have a Nextbase dashcam in my S4 but I do have one in my other car. It’s hardwired to a power supply that’s only live when the ignition is on. If it senses motion when the car is parked it starts recording using power from its own internal battery. I interpret the user manual extract...
  12. Sveneng

    New (to me) S4 Avant - Dashcam Query

    Do you need a permanent live? The Nextbase dashcams have an in built battery. It charges and operates from the car whilst power is being supplied. The parking sensor function activates if g is applied (ie someone hits the car) then the camera starts recording again.
  13. Sveneng

    A4 B7 Cab - Roof only opening a few inches then stopping?

    Sounds like the roof motor has failed.
  14. Sveneng

    B7 Cabriolet Roof Storage Box Removal

    Just to update this for anyone else who’s removing the roof storage box. I believe the Audi tech method is to raise the rear deck which gains you access to the top of the box. There are two star screws to take off on either side and then two people can lift everything other than the supporting...
  15. Sveneng

    B7 Cabriolet Roof Storage Box Removal

    I must admit that’s what I’m leaning towards and then leave it off when refitting the replacement.
  16. Sveneng

    B7 Cabriolet Roof Storage Box Removal

    I’ve managed to source a replacement roof storage box for my Audi as my current one has been repaired in the past but has broken again. It’s the box that sits in the boot and safely reduces the loading area to allow the roof to stow. On attempting to remove the existing one there’s one nut that...
  17. Sveneng

    RNS-E - V - Aftermarket head units.

    I really wanted to stick with OEM when I bought my S4. The lack of DAB and phone connectivity meant I had to look at all options. The cost of second hand modules to just connect my phone started me looking elsewhere. Ultimately I’ve ended up with a Pioneer AVIC-F80 and I don’t regret it for a...
  18. Sveneng

    Problematic LED combined DRL/Sidelight setup.

    I had the same ones as you. Faulty from the start with flickering after being on for 10 minutes and error codes thrown up. Really poor customer service as well which ended up in me having to raise a case through PayPal. I so wanted them to work though as they looked great. I would never use the...
  19. Sveneng

    Morimoto HID bulb's , very disapointed after less than 12months.

    If it is the same one I used it I initially received delayed replies and a phone call to “fault find” whereby I ended up swapping components over for him to diagnose the exact part that had failed. He eventually agreed to replace one side but as time went by nothing was received. He fobbed me...
  20. Sveneng

    Morimoto HID bulb's , very disapointed after less than 12months.

    Not had experience of them. I was interested in trying them but after a very poor experience with the same vendor and the LED DRLs they sell I decided against making a purchase.