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    Evening everyone, This question has probably been asked a million times and id had a go at searching through previous posts but nothing recent or definitive. Whats are you all using? Why? And how do you find them? My RS3 8P has Kumho Ecsta Le sports on and are dreadful. Theyre really starting...
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    Seen it all now !!!!!!

    That wont be selling at that price.... Its got heritage butttt its a Mk1 Golf at the end of the day
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    How is Audi reliability these days?

    All my pevious VAG cars have been excellent. Ive had a 1.8t Mk4 Golf, 1.8t 25th Anniversary Golf, Mk5 Gti, Mk6 R and now RS3 8P. All of them were great. I changed the usual cambelt and water pump and servicing parts, tyres fairly regularly, discs and pads it least once in my ownership and the...
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    ARP on my S3 ??

    I havent had an S3. But ive just bought an RS3 8p which will be having APR software on Thursday. It is reassuringly expensive and there are cheaper options but the fact Ive had APR software on my previous 4 VAG cars (Mk4 Golf 1.8t, Mk4 Golf 25th Anniversary 1.8t, Mk5 Golf GTI, Mk6 Golf R) I...
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    The random musings thread

    I worked for Peugeot back int day when these bad boys were launched. My old sales manager used to make the salesmen with the lowest sales/profit drive this for month. He tried it with me once. I did my best to blow it up on the motorway on the way home and when i got home, stuck it in a ditch at...
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    ARP on my S3 ??

    Do you mean APR? or actually ARP?
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    Looking for a good Volkswagen Forum

    Om with simonali with this one. Decent lot on there generally
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    Car meets and shows.

    Thinking about doing the going to the GTI Fest next Sunday. Anybody going?
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    Car meets and shows.

    As the title says, is anybody planning on doing any this coming year? Ive been to GTI International a fair few years ago and went to a tVAG tuners meet last year but didnt go on track. Ive been looking at these ...
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    Best holiday destination and why?

    Thanks Alistair. Such a gent. Got £250 of various members of my family. Ive just thrown it all in on the RS. Gloss black RS3 badge and gloss black front and back rings. Gloss wheel nut covers. RS key ring (Cheesy) Black and red RS calipers decals. Little things to make it my own.
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    Best holiday destination and why?

    Me and the Mrs always loved Egypt until the trouble started. We went to Dahab the 1st year, that is now in the red zone in North Sinai. 2 later visits were to Sharm. I never felt unsafe there. Locals were always friendly. Super cheap and ridiculously hot. Since then weve had 2 visits to Turkey...
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    Tragic News.

    Horrible news this morning from the Midlands. We all love our performance motors, but there's a time and place.
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    Hedacs3 Motorway Camera..

    Maybe a little longer for me. Im the new keeper
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    Hedacs3 Motorway Camera..

    No idea tbh. I was busy looking at my speedo to ensure i was within the limit. Im sure ive gone through them faster at the same speed before and nothing. But from then it was a quick flash, looked up, saw the BMW giving it welly and then it flashed about 3 secs later when another car was...
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    Hedacs3 Motorway Camera..

    Greaaaaaat! Looks like im gonna have an early Christmas pressie soon then :culpability: I hope in this case, youre wrong.
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    Hedacs3 Motorway Camera..

    Does anybody know what the score is with the new smart motorways and the gantries? I was driving through last night on the M62 near Rochdale at about 5.45pm at between 50-55mph and the camera flashed when the signs were saying 50. Now im panicking that the camera got me. Im almost sure that it...
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    What do you do for a job?

    Im a senior trainer for a Mental Health Trust. I teach student nurses, nursing assistants, nurses and doctors clinical skills they need to work on community and in patient areas.