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  1. jesters3

    I'm back - been 15 years ...good to be back

    Lol. unfortunately not the RS3. Got the wife a nice A3 Sportback S-Line 1.4TFSI (122ps) in Glacier White. Options - heated seats and privacy glass
  2. jesters3

    I'm back - been 15 years ...good to be back

    I'm back - been 15 years ...good to be back
  3. jesters3

    New member

    Welcome, good choice the sport pack does look good. CHers
  4. jesters3

    New member here

    Sweet ride, ditto on the rims.
  5. jesters3

    hello from sweden!

    Who let the dogs out..... Welcome, always did like the RS.
  6. jesters3

    Could I just welcome....

    Why is he shy?
  7. jesters3

    Hello all

    Welcome, have a gander in the 'ICE' Forum. I'm looking to stick a DAB unit in and there are a number of little things to make sure you have, one is the AUDI Adapter to convert the HU to the BOSE sound system. Anyway have a look in there or do search and something will ping up. Cheers
  8. jesters3

    Hopefully getting an S4 very soon

    Arvo, welcome to the board. Good luck in locating the little beautie.
  9. jesters3

    New guy in the States with my 1st Audi

    Welcome Bob,nice motors and good skills on the buy. Though this is an Audi forum I would still be interested in the RX7 and what you do with it. As they really are the 'road racers' that we all love.
  10. jesters3

    i'm here

    Welcome, ditto with Fabia and Lina, have a look in the Forums or do a search on your car/issues. Good luck.
  11. jesters3

    New Member

    Welcome dude. Enjoy the site.
  12. jesters3

    Soon to be S3 owner

    Welcome, if you can find one snap it up. Quality cars, as Rich said coilpacks but otherwise vwey little on a new one. Just have a gander in the S3 forum for more info. On the running costs AVS (Audi Variable Servicing) means every 15K or more between services with costs from 200-400 for a...
  13. jesters3

    A hello from Essex

    Welcome, that is the way forward check out the boards for more info. Or look a a S4 I see they are around for 14-15k for OK ones.
  14. jesters3

    Hello people

    Good Day mate, welcome. Good luck in the search, RS2 are suit but in Aus I guess they are prety rare. There are a few other aussies on here so we should be able to sort you out.....Private Piles.
  15. jesters3

    Hi People

    or is it now 30% this year..******.
  16. jesters3

    Hi People

    Good Skills enjoy it. Yeah tax is a ****** 29% on the S3..ouch it ****** hurst.
  17. jesters3


    Well anyone who wants a V6 4WD Audi can't go wrong. Good luck with your search.
  18. jesters3


    Welcome, check out the Meets forum for more on the Northen meet, I know there a few of the Tartan Army around and with the cracking landscape you guys have up there it is a must for a meet. Chuck in your thoughts into the S3/A3 forum when you want. Cheers and enjoy
  19. jesters3

    A6 Owner

    Welcome, I take it used Ridgeway Audi? We use them here and they are very good. 36mph...jes thats like 2nd gear for too long
  20. jesters3

    Audi specialists?

    Welcome, being a Company Car we use Ridgeway in Newbury but there is Martins in Bsingstoke that you could use. Don't know od many speclist delaers though.