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    Dealer has made a mistake with the settlement figure on signed order form

    Hi all, I'm meant to be picking up my new car on Saturday, but the dealer has just called to say there is a problem with my signed order form. They have said that the settlement figure recorded on the order form is incorrect. The difference in the recorded and actual settlement figure is...
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    New car detailling

    Hi there, I will be picking up my new A3 Sline Sportsback in March and I am thinking about booking a new car detail. I mistakenly agreed to the life shine, but I'm not convinced the dealers are the best people to apply this. What's sort of budget should I allow for someone else to do the new...
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    New A3 registration number request

    Hi there, I am in the process of purchasing a new A3 Sportsback and queried with my dealer whether it would be possible to choose my vehicle registration number from a list available near to the point of handover. I previously did thus with my current vehicle from the same dealer. They have...
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    Anything missing from my spec?

    Hi all, Just about to order an S Line A3 Sportsback and just wanted some reassurance on my spec to ensure I'm not missing out on anything essential. Monsoon Grey Electric folding mirrors Hill hold assist Tyre pressure loss indicator Aluminium roof rails Comfort pack Audi parking system plus...