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    First use of VAG.COM and now remote locking not working!! S3 8L

    If when you press the test and your remote is 'recognised' ok, then what your doing wrong is saving both remotes at the same time. Enter in the number of remote's as 1 remote, press 'test' press button on remote, says 'recognised', save, exit, then repeat the 'exact' process for the second...
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    Is it possible to disable immobilizer?

    Nope not possible using VCDS
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    any 2.0T DTM owners?

    Hi All, I have just adopted my DTM, she's a 2006 model in Sprint Blue, :) Cheers Sarge
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    A4 2.0TFSI Quattro feels underpowered

    Hi all, I'm new and have an A4 B7 2.0TFSi DTM. I have just got my DTM, however I have the following faults showing on VCDS, and I'm wondering if this is caused by the same valve as sometimes the revs start hunting a little, enough to notice it though. 3 Faults Found: 008583 - Bank 1...