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  1. BigMack

    Help Please Heated Washer Jets Voltage

    Evening all, Just a quick question. During the recent cold weather we've had, my windscreen washer jets don't want to play. They're fine when its gets a little warmer though. Because of this, I'm not sure my heated washer jets are working. The rear always works, so its not the motor freezing...
  2. BigMack

    CGLC engine oil dipstick

    Evening all I’ve been reading that some engines that didn’t come from the factory with a dipstick, can have one added. Now my engine 2.0tdi CGLC currently doesn’t have a dipstick tube fitted to it. Or at least one that I can see. Does anyone know if there is a dipstick tube available to fit...
  3. BigMack

    DPF Regen?

    Evening guys. I've owned diesel Audi's for a number of years but never one with a DPF. I've recently acquired a 2014 A4 Avant 2.0 TDI (CGLC) I normally only ever do fairly short journeys as my work commute is only around 3-4 miles each way. Because of this, I'm a little worried that my DPF...
  4. BigMack

    Boost leak?

    As per title, does anyone know of anywhere in the North East, preferably Sunderland - Newcastle area that can do a smoke test on my car to find a suspected boost leak? My car doesn't seem to have the power it once had and there's a slight hissing under boost. I've checked all hoses and pipes I...
  5. BigMack

    Is My Car Canbus?

    I have an A3 8p on an 03 plate. 2.0tdi. Just wondering for the likes of led upgrades will I get error messages. Thanks. Arron.
  6. BigMack

    Coming home / leaving home lights problem

    Evening all. As per title really. My CH/LH function has suddenly stopped working? Everything has been working fine up until the last few days. Now this function no longer works. Had a similar problem before due to the switch in the drivers door being buggered and not telling the car it was...
  7. BigMack

    Dash light dimmer

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents It would seem that my dash light dimmer switch thingy isn't working anymore. My clocks are really bright, but my radio, heater controls and ambience lighting are seriously dim. When I operate the switch, nothing happens. Ive checked a number of fuses, but can't find...