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  1. MTRL

    Video and sound of my latest cause of stress. Please help

    Hi, Right, ive been having an absolute nightmare since I have lowered my car. One problem after another, the latest of which is a loud and very worrying knocking noise which has everyone I have shown it to baffled. Ive had the car up and cant see what would be causing it. Leading up to this...
  2. MTRL

    Clunk when turning / breaking - Car in limp mode too

    Alright guys, Having a few problems of late. Most likely down to me installing new springs and messing something up in the process. Im suddenly getting a single clunk when I first put my car on full lock. I also get it intermittently when braking. Sounds like it is coming from the drivers side...
  3. MTRL

    Have I just shafted myself?

    Hi guys, I changed my suspension last weekend, and in the process of putting the drive shaft back in place it looks like I messed up and didn't put it back correctly. When I took the car for a test drive around the block and I noticed a rubbing sound when i pulled to the left, but only under...
  4. MTRL

    Quick question..Front bumper without fog lights

    Guys, If I buy a front 2008 front bumper that has come off a car without front fog lights, and has the blank fog light grills......will I still be able to install fog lights to it? in other words, will it still have all the fittings behind the blank grill? Thanks.
  5. MTRL

    Dyno Destroyed

    Never been keen on dyno's! - Muuum .... dad's car broke the dyno
  6. MTRL

    Photoshop Request?

    Hey, Im sure i've seen a section where you can request photoshopped versions of photos but I cant see it. Does it exist or am I wrong? Anyway, Is there any kind soul out there who can help with photoshopping this to see what it will look like around 40mm lower? I want some sportline springs...
  7. MTRL

    Can anybody recommend a good car cover?

    After this mornings shenanigans of clearing off 6 inches of snow to find a 10mm sheet of ice covering the entire car, I have decided to buy a cover for the car. There are loads on ebay ranging from £10 to about £150, some are universal and some are bespoke to the A3. My question is, can anybody...
  8. MTRL

    Shotgun shell wheel nut covers.......Testing the water

    Hi all, I've made myself some wheel nut covers from spent shotgun shells. I am wandering, if there are enough people who are interested I might make a load more and try and sell them. As 8P owners and modifiers we all must have similar mindsets so i'd like your opinions please, would anyone be...
  9. MTRL

    Has anyone posted an A3 rear bumper - Price - weight, size?

    Hi all, Has anyone ever used a courier to post a bumper? I need a dirt cheap way to transport a rear bumper from B'ham to Liverpool. I'm currently getting quotes of over £25 which is too much! I need to pay around £15. To get quotes i'm using the dimensions of 170cm x 50cm x 68cm and weight...
  10. MTRL

    Photo request - Black A3 with Black RS4 alloys

    As the title says, does anyone have photos of a black 3 door 8P with Black RS4 alloys? Thanks,
  11. MTRL

    Informing the insurance company about mods

    Iv'e been planning a conversion from 8p1 to 8p2 s-line. I already have the rear bumper and rear spoiler done. I phoned my insurance company to see how far I could go without an increase in my premium. I didn't tell them my plans. I was allowed my spoiler and splitter without an increase. The...
  12. MTRL

    Reply with quote photos

    Why, when using "reply with a quote" of a previous post in a thread, do people quote all the photos aswell. Sometimes 7 or 8 photos. Bugs the hell out of me! Someone will post a load of photos, then someone will copy and paste them again and add "looks good" under them. Then someone else will...
  13. MTRL

    ASN Awards?

    Just for a bit of fun, what do people think of having some ASN awards. Could do them at the end of they year. Could have them for each forum or the whole of the site. Could be things like: Biggest balls - for the most daring mod Best new-comer / Rising star Top contributor Best 1 liner / best...
  14. MTRL

    My engine just dropped off its mount :(

    Just driving around town about an hour or so ago and all of a sudden, big bang, lots of horrible noises. Open the bonnet and my engine is about 4 inches closer to the road on the drivers side!! Its fallen of one of the mounts and is pokeing through the bottom of the car. Absoloutlly devo. :(
  15. MTRL

    Help needed, bad weekend for my car!!

    Not being having a good weekend!! Started off looking at the great weather and thinking i would give my car a treat and go buy a polishing machine. Went and picked one up and within 5 minutes of using it, it packed in so started polishing by hand when it started pouring down. Oh well, these...
  16. MTRL

    Help needed: S line spoiler removal instructions

    I have found a guy that has a write off 3.2 s-line, I am buying the spoiler off him but neither of us know how to remove it and I dont want him to damage it while getting it off. I told him that it is bolted on and will have glue aswell. Can anybody help with instructions that I can send him...
  17. MTRL

    Different size spare type, still ok use?

    I originally had 17" wheels on my car but I replaced with 18". I still have the original space saver in the boot as a spare. If I have a flat will I be able to use this to get me home? On the car my tyres are 225/40/18 On the space saver I have 125/70/18 I presume the rolling diameter is...
  18. MTRL

    Photo request: Votex and cupra splitter on 8P1

    Does anybody have any photos of an 8P1 with the votex splitter and cupra splitter. I have the Votex splitter waiting to be painted and was wandering what it would look ike with the cupra splitter underneath aswell. Photos of a black 8P1 with just votex splitter would be good aswell so I can see...
  19. MTRL

    What order do I use my products in?

    Hi, I have recentlly brought some detailing products to beef up my normal car wash kit. Im going to give the car a deep detail soon, got to have it as glossy as possible for when the sun come out. My question is, in what order do I use these products and should I wash again in between any...
  20. MTRL

    DIY alloy referb - reccomendations and tips please.

    Hi, Bit of help and advice needed on referbing alloys using a kit. Went to go and get fish and chips the other night, grazed the kerb so horriblly I lost my appetite. So.....Im looking into repairing the curb marks on my alloys myself and my questions for anybody else who has successfully done...