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    Is this a real S Line ???? (help)

    It's a Sport with a few nice extra's on it, but I would be a bit concerned that it only had 35k on the clock in 2010 and then didn't have an MoT in 2012 at all. Could have been off the road getting fixed up after a bump....
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    cam follower replacement help. pics.

    Yes you need to undo the bolt from underneath, pain to get to. Mine is the same, I think it should be a triple square M8 that you need, sort of like a 12 sided torx bit
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    Parts following fuel pump follower failure

    Hi, I believe my fuel pump follower has failed, damaging the camshaft and pump in the process. I believe the following is the parts I need. Can you give me a price please and any idea's on postage costs? Thanks Camshaft 06F109101B Cam Follower 06D109309C Fuel pump 06F127025K Cover 06B103113C...
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    Rear wiper

    Mine was doing that, took it apart and the motor is corroded inside. The washer sprays through the centre of the motor mechanism and when the seals go it leaks inside and corrodes everything. Be careful and get it checked soon because mine had started to leak onto the boot release mechanism and...
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    Advice wanted

    I'll give TPS a ring today and see what they say. Only pics so far are with the vacuum pump removed and viewing from that end but there is no follower visible, only the sping and piston of the pump pushing on the camshaft directly! Do I have to host pics elsewhere on this forum?
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    bought new cam follower, fuel pump looks different to one in video

    Mine has failed badly at 72k so I would definitely be checking on changing them
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    Idiot dangerous Ford Focus RS driver

    Sorry but this sounds like a bit of red mist on both sides. Yes he shouldn't have cut in front of you and then slammed on the brakes, but also you knew he had gone in the right hand lane and wanted to be past you yet you still put your foot down to try to prove to him that your car was faster...
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    HPFP Problem (anybody got a old 1 laying about)

    No not good, and I've only just bought the car less than a month ago. I just wish the garage that had done all the servicing on it had thought to check it.
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    HPFP Problem (anybody got a old 1 laying about)

    If it isn't generating enough fuel pressure the ECU will cut boost anyway to protect the engine. That was my first symptoms but unfortunately mine had bigger problems, the cam follower had already disintegrated
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    HPFP Problem (anybody got a old 1 laying about)

    I will most likely be changing my pump in the next week or so if you can wait a little bit? Just trying to find out where is best to get one from, plus a camshaft etc
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    Advice wanted

    I thought the follower was nearer £20 from Audi than the £37 of that one? I need more than the follower though, need a new camshaft and fuel pump. Not bothered about going stage2+ etc, this is probably going to cost me enough anyway without adding extra costs that aren't needed. Anyone used the...
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    Advice wanted

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and new to Audi too, bought a 2006 Sportback SLine 2.0T FSI about a month ago. I love the car but it's developed a problem. I started getting fuel cuts and the engine light coming on. Changed the diverter valve as the old one had split which helped a bit but fault...