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    RNSe Disc Read Error

    Hi, I've been having a problem with 'read errors' when trying to use my navigation. The disc I'm using is a 'backup' copy which is not in perfect condition so I'm assuming this is the issue. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a 2010 backup copy they'd be willing to...
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    Mapping a 170 TDI

    Why would you want to go back to a smokey diesel for the sake of 15 BHP....
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    Mapping a 170 TDI

    I'm still going for Bluefin... come on you know you want too!
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    Mapping a 170 TDI

    Really, I heard they had a few problems with it initially as it wasn't available with Bluefin but I thought all the issues were resolved. Where did you read about having to remove the DPF..?
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    Mapping a 170 TDI

    I'm going for the Bluefin, brings the 170bhp to near 200... more than enough! especially for £350.. Come and join us!
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    RNS-E Glossy screen .

    What are they using Meguiars Scratch X? I didn't know whether it was too abrasive.
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    Post your rattles (and fixes)

    Just got myself some black felt and stuck it on the underside of the armrest in a similar fashion. Nice work..... that creak has now gone!!
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    Removing armrest

    I tried to fix mine the other day.... You need to remove the rear ash tray, then you should beable to see a large bolt. Unscrew that and the armrest comes free. Keep us updated.
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    How to remove climate control panel..

    Whilst installing my parrot Bluetooth I managed to drop an inline fuse into the back of the dash where my RNS-e sits. I think it's fallen down behind the climate control panel ..... the problem is it rattles all the time and it's driving me mad :mad: Does anyone have any pictures showing...
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    Chipped my car just today- bluefin

    Nice work, thinking of doing the same... both chipping the '170 and painting the calipers!
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    Post your rattles (and fixes)

    1. Problem: Annoying sound when I rest on my armrest.. Solution: Turn up radio... if anyone know as better idea please enlighten me. 2. Problem: When i give the TDI some rev's i hear a strange rattle up near the redline. Can't tell whether it happens in all gears for but certainly in 1st and...
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    Parrott - BOSE - RNS-E

    I'm struggling to get my parrot working with my RNS-e. I've used an SOT-976 lead, but there was no power. There is a red lead that I connected with the pack of the unit but it's not ignition switched so its on all the time. I've purchased a piggy back fuse from ebay so I can connect directly...
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    Tyre Choice..

    Guys, My A3 is due a new set of boots on the front. I've found with the S line suspension that the ride is very firm and there is an awful lot of road noise. Can anyone recommend a tyre that is a little quieter and maybe has a softer ride? or am i being a little anal!
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    Retro fitting OEM parking sensors?

    Think you can buy a proper audi kit for £200....
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    RNS-E question...

    I got mine from ebay, I can't quite remember the guys name... something like Jogorn.. I paid £600 for a 2008 with chrome buttons and 'backup' maps. That was about 6 months ago now so i'd imagine that they'd be a little cheaper. It came from abroad somewhere but the delivery was pretty quick...
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    Check Oil Level.

    Well, I'm pleased to say the light has gone out again. I checked the level before my run back to Northampton, the light was on nearly all the way. I pulled of the motorway and decided to give it some stick round the twisties and too my surprise the light went off. I'll see how it goes...
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    New Car....New Mods....New Pics

    Looking nice mate. What next?
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    Which wheels???

    Too similar IMO. pick a different design..!
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    Check Oil Level.

    I'm working at Jaguar Cars, Castle Bromwich at the moment on the new XJ..
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    Check Oil Level.

    Well, just been out to check the level and it's spot on. I'll try the battery thing tonight but it looks as though the warranty will be getting its first use!