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    After A3, what next?

    Since lots of faces have changed here, I think it's safe to say that many who bought the A3 in 2003/2004 have changed to something else already. Only few faces like bowfer and Dave are still left ;) So what have people traded to? My A3 is reaching it's fourth birthday in September, so it's...
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    How does one change the front bulbs?

    I tried to use search, I remember there was discussion about changing lightbulbs to some Philips VisionPlus/Osram Silverstar. The thread was apparently destroyed when the database went or search is buggy. Anyway, how did one change the bulbs? The manual doesn't say anything, and I'm not into...
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    Note to 2,0FSI owners

    Well, this affects those who have older 2,0FSI engine, not the new one with removed stratified injection (eg. Sportbacks and 3-doors which are manufactured after Sportback was introduced). And the problem is oil eating. Audi has finally identified the problem, and for example my engine will go...
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    Ouh nouh, my car's electricity..

    So while I've been happy to say my car has been pretty faultless, I should have just knocked the wood or something. So last week they changed the oilsensor, well that was nothing. They just [censored] up the Longlife system, so I had to call to service anyway. But, before I even had a chance...
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    Thoughts on Sportback

    So, I took the Sportback for a test drive, as my father is actually interested in it. Choice of engine was 2,0TDI. We both agreed that DSG is a must for this engine. I still find the turbolag unacceptable, but hey, you knew I didn't like it (except the nice punch in the midrange, but it isn't...
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    A3 Avant from newest Auto Express

    Has anyone read the newest magazine and saw those pictures? The net seems to be full of edited pictures, but I got the impression these would be real ones. If so, does anyone have any scanned images? Then again, new A3 with A6 grille. Yaiks, maybe I don't want to see them . But isn't A3 Avant...