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    Painting Grill Any tips

    The grill on my car at the moment is a silver grey colour and all the other plastic trims on the car are black. I’ve picked up another grill which is a dark grey colour but I want to paint it a satin black. I ve seen post about using Plasti coat or similar, it I would rather use traditional...
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    Yellow daytime running lights

    hi guys, I have looked through this site and have came across a lot of conflicting information. Basically my SE A3 has halogen lights, the daytime running lights are a yellow colour and I would like these the be a nice crisp white colour. Not bothered about the other lights as there fine enough...
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    Has anyone tried to fit one of these splitters to a standard A3 8v front bumper...
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    Parking Sensors

    Anyone recommend a place in Central Scotland for fitting rear parking sensors to an A3, want the sensors to be flush with the bumper like the factory fitted ones. I have seen Audi kits on the internet for around £90 anyone got any experience with them. Is it an easy job. thanks
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    SE bumper upgrade.

    Hi Guys First post please be gentle. I have a A3 5dr SE, is there anyway of customising the rear bumper. Don't really want to go to start replacing it totally just wondering if there was anything you could do to the rear valance/diffuser. It has the twin exhausts to the passenger side. thanks