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    A7 to S7 conversion help

    hi guys. As title says im looking to carry out a conversion from a sline A7 to S7. What i wanted to know is whether the 2016 style rear bumper & matching diffuser will fit a 2012 model A7? I think the bumper will fit with matching diffuser but dont think i can purchase the new diffuser to match...
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    New Audi A7 owner - advice needed please

    Hi all, just moved up from an Audi A5 to the beautiful A7. Its packed with almost every extra but the one i really wanted (lane assist) the last owner didnt tick lol Is it possible to retrofit this? Also looking to remap this. Had an apr map on the A5 which worked well. Have any of you guys...
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    Drive belt problem

    Hi all. Driving back from work today i heard a noise coming from the front so decided to pull over & investigate. Didnt see anything obvious so popped the bonnet & saw the belt thats situated behind the radiator (drive belt) the one that controls power steering/alternator etc all caught up in...
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    Milltek quad cat back system

    Hi. Im looking to replace my standard pipes for the milltek quad cat back system. Has anyone got this fitted their a5? Looking to order & it doesnt state whether its res on non res system & i dont like them loud. Asked few suppliers & their not too sure. Thanks.
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    Adaptive light issue

    Hi all. Im sure this must have been covered before but im fairly new to this & just wanted something clarified without having to refer to main dealer. Iv had my a5 a month or so & had few probs with it but now all sorted. Not been driven much until now. I bought this particular car because the...
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    A5 2010 to 2012 conversion

    Hi all As per title has anyone attempted this? Looking to do this soon & would like to know what exactly is required for the change. I need to replace both my headlights as the adaptive feature has failed & blown them. So thought may as well give a make-over. Thanks
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    Mmi/ami cable not working for audio

    Hi. Just bought a cable to connect my iphone 5s to my audi a5. It charges the fone when i plug it in but doesnt recognise it to play audio. Can someone please help me? The cable p/n i have is 4f0051510al Thanks
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    A5 3.0tdi quattro s-tronic G/box problem

    As per title i have a problem with g/box also mentioned in another post. When in stationary/slow traffic or approaching junction/traffic lights car always feels as if it wants to race fwd. few times iv experienced a violent jerk as if i have been hit from behind so to avoid this i coast it just...
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    New car - so many problems

    Hi Recently bought an Audi A5 3.0 tdi quattro s-line regd 2010. The car looks fantastic & has all the toys etc but iv got a few probs with it & would like some feedback from fellow owners of same model to see whether anybody has experienced same symptoms. 1). Everytime i stop behind stationary...
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    Contaminated coolant - please help

    Hi all Recently bought an audi a5 3.0 tdi quattro. Took it into my local audi dealer today for checking out the adaptive light sensor being defective. That issue was sorted but they pointed out that when they did a health check they noticed the coolant is contaminated. My previous vehicle (a4...
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    Dvd playback on the move

    Hi all. Was wondering are there any ways around dvd playback once in motion? Is it a simple case of updating files or would i need a specific interface? Thanks...
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    Gearknob change

    hi, i quite like the genuine rs style handle as opposed to the standard ones fitted to auto models. The release button however is located on the top front on rs style rather than the right side on standard. Question is would the rs style fit or would it require modifying? Has anyone attempted...
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    new a5 owner - looking to mod

    hi guys. Just Bought an a5 3.0 tdi quattro sline on a 2010. Amazing car v happy. Looking for a few mods to do. Has anyone attempted the 2012 rear lightbar cluster change? The shape is same im assuming it would need coding? Also what other mods would be suitable? Thanks
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    Poor fuel consumption. Please help :(

    Hi. Iv just picked up my new car today. Its an a5 3.0 tdi quattro sline s-tronic 2010. Iv driven it home just shy of 200 miles very happy but i couldnt manage to achieve more than 35. Surely this cant be right thats urban figure. It has drive select so tried various settings & kept to 70 mph...
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    Rs4 starter button Help needed

    Hi guys. Having a crack fitting the button. Has any1 fitted this to thr a4 b7? Any help would be much appreciated. Searched forums but guides coming up for a3. I think they work differently?
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    Retrofit Armrest HELP

    hi guys, i know this has been mentioned b4 but cud sum1 pls advise me. I bought a genuine armrest off ebay to fit my a4 b7, but it was missing the bracket and nut so ordered this frm cdf audi. Had all the parts ready and didnt want to attempt fitting it myself so had a local garage who...
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    Fitting 19" RS4 alloys - PLEASE HELP

    Hi guys, no doubt some-one must have asked b4 but im new to the audi scene (coming from Japworld) but will genuine 19" RS4 alloys fit my a4 b7? My car already has the rs style wheels but in a 18" size. The set im looking to buy has 255/35/19 tyres, Wouldnt this be to wide? I was thinking more...