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    Audi Connect Data Sim

    It just refuses to connect.. display will still show a signal though.. On another note I have 6 months unlimited 3G data for £20 on now defunct TMobile honoured by EE at last renewal I think I only used 9.8GB in 6 months.
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    Wait for 184 or settle with 150

    Ditto go 184 if you can...
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    Audi Connect

    Do let us know how you get on
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    A3 2.0 8v tdi s line, looking to buy

    What engine did you get Nik the 184ps once bedded in is awesome IMO
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    Roof bars - S3

    I've got the Audi one from my dealer on discount comes virtually pre assembled and works well and doesn't mark the paintwork providing its clean underneath first. I notice you have Pano roof you'll be pleased to know you'll be able to use it with bars on too.
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    CD's are dying haven't you Seriously though that's exactly what I have been doing especially when I discovered you cant copy your CD's onto the Tech pack hard drive as promoted... convenience is the word.
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    Ditto.... I had this out with my dealer a while back as the sales man(now left co.) told me it would bring up the graphics if I had an I phone on Spotify of Deezer WRONG! even if downloaded and stored on phone for offline use. I have Tech pack the nearest you get for graphics is the generic...
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    Bang & Olufsen v's Audi Sound System

    I agree entirely the only tweek I could really do with is the front centre speaker it really could do with a fader..Id never go back to *** or standard it really does get better with time.
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    Tints or no tints on Daytona

    You could get a privacy glass retrofitted to the rear and leave the tints intact on the side windows.
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    Question..someone must know! (pan roof owners mainly!)

    ILP all the way if you can stretch....
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    Stop-Start Poll

    You're not - I'm manual and it works just fine for me. In fact I'm pretty impressed how quickly it can start up and go much faster than me selecting1st from neutral and lifting the clutch!
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    Piece plastic

    Anyone taken a photo?
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    Sat Nav

    You could try but everyone says its blocked and you'll need to go to Audi be interesting you if anyone can prove otherwise!
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    Sline 2.0tdi mpg issues

    I get about 450 per tank 60/40 urban/motorway funnily enough I took a photo of the dis showing 57.8mpg after 57.8 miles thought it was a bit od a coincidence. Stop start works all the tie with 6 minutes of starting up and that on a 184ps I'd get yours checked mate
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    My only issue with my S3 is...

    The subwoofer is attached on the rear parcel shelf on the saloon.
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    Carrying a bike in the boot?

    Put the rails on if you can if work will pay. It will be easier to use on another car you can then get a good cycle holder from most leading makes. including one that will clamp the fork. I test drove the black pack Daytona with the rails and privacy glass in a 150ps and it made car look way...
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    My only issue with my S3 is...

    Yep you'd also need the amps to beef up the clarity. I know how you feel though I lived without it for some time and ended listening to talk radio.
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    Audi Connect - this is why you need it

    Youre right I too love the Connect WIFI capability i connect two phones plus my (PC if out for work) and works seamlessly. Only yesterday a friend logged onto the wifi as their iphone on O2 was sluggish and dropping out...Incidentally I have a Tmobile 6 months PAYG. Sim which has unlimited data...
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    Please help! I'm at breaking point!!! Audi connect issue with 3 sim

    No 6 months unlimited data unbelievable I know!!
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    Please help! I'm at breaking point!!! Audi connect issue with 3 sim

    Glad to hear its sorted mate. I was going to recommend a PAYG data only sim from TMobile theyre knocking out unlimited data ones for a one off £20 best deal by far!