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    Xtrons head unit

    Thanks that’s all I have currently so happy enough with that
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    Xtrons head unit

    Looking at getting the MA80A3AL and wondering if anyone that’s had one fitted has the parking sensors working off of it and if it done so out the box or required anything else? only have rear sensors not the parking management front/rear. thanks
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    Milltek downpipe fitment

    Magic, managed to suss it in the end there’s two different codes but one superseded the other anyway. Makes no sense but hey ho
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    Milltek downpipe fitment

    Is there a difference between 3dr and sportback milltek downpipes? Notice milltek list two on their site and some sites offer 2 and others only 1. Any info appreciated looking at picking one up thats down as 3dr so will give a miss if it's no use on a sportback
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    MST Intake

    Any one had any experience of these? Had been looking for a revo intake and came across this kit. Prefer the concealed look in the bay compared to the revo.
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    For Sale Audi S3 8P 3" Miltek Sports Cat Downpipe

    Where about are you located?
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    Fixed Classified posts

    Any chance of getting access too?
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    S3 APR Stage 1+

    Yeah I'd go to rtech but just a bit too far away (around 6 hours) Mainly really wanting to know how the clutch copes with 1+ as if it is likely to just slip with the additional power/torque I'll likely just go stage 1 or direct to 2+
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    S3 APR Stage 1+

    Looking at going apr stage 1+ on a manual s3 Anyone on here done the same? Looking to see if upgraded clutch is usually needed or if the stock is up to the job
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    2007 S3 8P Shocks

    The s3 already has springs lower than standard a3's
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Ordered one last night so will have a bash over the weekend see how it goes
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    How did you get on fitting it? Thinking of getting one myself now
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Looks smart, is that the maxton splitter?
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    S3 Lowering Spings

    Is the £166 maybe excl VAT? Showing £200 for me
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    Just went for the new Bridgestone potenza sport. Quite new but getting high ratings from everywhere so far.