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    Small Chip

    Any advice please, 9 months and have a tiny (2mm) chip on the rear passenger door right on the ridge. The trouble is its like when you have a filling missing and the hole feels massive, well every time I get in the car I have to look at the chip. Changing the car is not an option especially...
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    EPC warning light

    Happened to me on the first day. Camshaft housing in my case to 3 weeks to repair. Good luck with your problem.
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    Amazing COD.....

    My 1.4 COD also is a December model and with 2K miles. I managed 62 mpg Portsmouth to New Forest last weekend. However to do that using the ACC I stayed at 55mph. When towing a caravan on a similar journey, it goes down to 33 mpg , also at 55 mph, but surprisingly driving on 2 cylinders but...
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    No s3 on top gear!

    I must be bottom of the pile of Clarkson et al dislikes, cycle everywhere, drive an Audi , and tow an Eriba puck 230 gt (sort of a caravan).
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    Sat Nav and traffic

    Thanks for the information.
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    Sat Nav and traffic

    How does the sat nav know that there is a traffic jam ahead. I have Audi SDsat nav only. Not Audi connect. Took me by surprise the other day and proptly ignored it to my cost.
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    1.4 CoD engine

    I've just done 1000mile and the best journey was Portsmouth to Verwood return at 60 mph and set ACC and no jams was 54.9mpg. My 3 year old fiesta at 50mph couldn't get anywhere near that.
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    Detailing the new car

    I seem to be going down the same path as you, although my car came with a cleaning pack. However I have considered a power jet but living on a main road can be a bit awkward. The car is garaged about 100 yards away with no water supply or electricity which would mean carting water round there...
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    Bluetooth + Phone

    It does it automatically. Once you have paired the phones whoever gets to the car first by about 10 seconds whist it registers gets the full bluetooth experiance. To overide it you enter the phone section in the mmi and highlight the phone you wish to use connected to the system. I was...
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    Bluetooth + Phone

    We have 2 Samsung phones paired to the car, however it only pairs to one of them, the phone that was last paired takes priority. So if I last used the car my phone would be paired. If my wife and I went to the car my phone would be paired still, but if just my wife went to the car hers would...
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    A3 1.4tfSI 140 Sport or A3 2.0TDI SE

    I've just been driving a 2L s line tdi sportback while my 1.4 cod was being repaired for 3 weeks. Although the 2L was powerful and fast, I found it to be noisier than the 1.4, so on the whole I would go for the sport version.
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    EPC and the Emission control lights

    Yes Monsoon Grey.
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    EPC and the Emission control lights

    Camshaft housing but it took about 10 days to get the part.
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    EPC and the Emission control lights

    Another view. In the meantime I had use of a diesel version S line which was very nice but I longed for mine. Audi were very good and kept me posted etc.
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    EPC and the Emission control lights

    After 3 weeks I now have my car back.
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    Daytona and Monsoon side-by-side

    Mine looked fabulous in Monsoon with privacy glass and spoked wheels, unfortunately its still with the dealers waiting for a spare part. 10 days delivery! (See thread re EPC fault)
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    EPC and the Emission control lights

    Audi in Germanyhas recommended stripping the engine down as they think it may be some cam orcrank shaft or something. Going to be several more days now and might betempted to reject the car, lost all confidence in it. Trouble is will have to wait another 3 months to order another. Or hope the...
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    EPC and the Emission control lights

    After waiting 3 months I picked the car up last Monday, andwhat a fabulous car it is. So a quickspin to the New Forest for lunch, drovebeautifully especially the ACC. Thenafter 50 miles the EPC and the Emission control system lights came on. Stopped the car and to my relief didn’t comeon...
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    Shipping .. Week 46 & 47

    My build date was for 18th November and the dealer at the time of ordering quoted 18th December, 3 weeks to go. I keep returning to this forum to glean any snippet of information. I think I need help!