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    3.0 TDI Engine Fault Codes

    Evening, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here as I moved away from Audi for a bit.. I’ve bought a 55 plate B7 A4 Saloon 3.0 TDI as a project / run around for the Mrs.. Got it super cheap, wanting to keep it super cheap but there’s a few issues needing sorted. My biggest issue just now are...
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    Goodbye S3, i've moved to Diseasle.

    Afternoon all. Part exchanged my Ibis White S3 yesterday. Was starting to get a bit fed up of sticking 50 quid of super in every 5/6 days so decided to move to the fuel of satan instead. Got a 59 plate A5 3.0 TDI Sport getting picked up next Thursday.. I've gone agains't my rule number 1 in...
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    MFSW Mode Button

    Afternoon folks.. Just wondering what the mode button on my steering wheel is meant to do? Nothing ever happens when i push it.. I've got RNS-E installed coded properly, soon to install the Factory Bluetooth Kit within the next week or 2.. Cheers Sean
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    New (to me) S3 advice please.

    Afternoon all, got my S3 2 months ago to the day and my clutch has started slipping :( Now i've got 3 months dealer warranty which i've already had to use to get the top mount bush replaced due to creaking.. I need to read the sales reciept and in particular anything about the warranty cover...
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    Is this coding right for RNS-E?

    Gents, Looking to finally code my RNS-E unit in to my car (2007 S3) Its a 2009 RNS-E unit and the car has cruise & FBWFSW. The coding i was going to use is: 0205117 - is that right? Cheers! Sean
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    Carpet Part No Required

    Afternoon all. I'm needing a part number of the full S3 carpet. Its an 07 plate if that makes any difference.. Previous owner put her high-heels through it in a couple of places by the looks of it :( Tried google but i get 1.2million hits for floor mats which is what i'm not after! Any help...
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    RNS-E Fascia's

    Afternoon all! I got hold of an RNS-E unit that came from an A4/S4 which has the rectangle face plate.. I have an 07 plate S3 and need the curverd faceplate, does anyone know where i could acquire said plate? Google search has turned up nothing, there's one on ebay but its cracked so i dont...
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    Who has R32 front brakes?

    I got mine fitted a while ago now and only just remembered that the brake pipes didnt fit back in to the little clip bit. Did you change to braided hoses or use the r32 lines? Cheers Sean
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    Rebuilt S3 Calipers / Carriers

    Afternoon all, this may end up getting locked so i will apologise now if it infringes on the rules! I have sandblasted my S3 calipers and carriers and resealed them aswell as coated them in high temp primer, and was just wondering what the market was like for said items? Apologies once again...
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    Tram Lining

    Morning all. My car has a serious tram lining issue.. Any time i hit the white lines it starts pulling. Recently changed the rear shocks (thanks Westle) and was going to book it in for a 4 wheel alignment but i noticed something when it was up on the ramps getting sorted.. Looking from...
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    Rear Carrier Pins

    Afternoon all. Got a set of Mk4 Rear R32 callipers not long ago but it appears they've taken a dunt at some point and the pins in one of the carriers are bent. Anyone know any part numbers or somewhere to get them before i get shafted from the stealers? Cheers
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    Rear shocks gone..

    Technically its just the one thats gone but as is the norm with suspension its best replaced on both sides.. I've had a look on the bay of e and there's only aftermarket stuff, same with the usual car parts websites.. Am i gonna have to go to the stealers for 2 rear shocks :ohmy: Anyone know...
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    Over 18's Area?

    After seeing Rob's comment in a certain NSFW thread i was wandering what the admins thought of an over 18's section to the forum? I'm on several forums with such an area and it seems to work fine? Just a suggestion is all :sm4:
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    R32 Brakes

    Evening all.. Getting ready to fit my R32 front brakes next week. Have stripped then and repainted them (holy amount of original blue paint on them things!!) however i've noticed a small tear in one of the rubber piston sleves. Can i get these from the stealers or will i get them in an autoparts...
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    Bad Lieutenant

    Went to see it last night.. What an absolute mind funk of a film! Everything about it was weird.. Just utter randomness at every stage in the movie, on the upside, you do get to see a reasonable amount of Eva Mendez' tata's :yes:
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    Anyone in Aberdeen got a haldex tool i can borrow....

    ....for a couple of days? Wanting the haldex oil changed but 30 quid for a tool im going to use once doesn't seem worth it. Obviously one would be compensated with some beer tokens or something similar :cool:
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    Part No Needed

    Morning folks.. Just after the part number for the S3 headlight controls.. Has front and rear fogs on it and the dash dimmer if im not mistaken? Been looking on the bay of e for ages for it and its never came up so looks like the stealers are gonna get some of my hard earned cash.. Cheers
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    For those that like House / Funky House

    Morning all.. I run a couple of nights here in Aberdeen and just wanted to share the April Promo mix that i done for those who are a fan of House / Funky House music.. All comments and critisisms welcome:music:
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    Afternoon all :sm4: I'm after some nicer looking sidelights. The yellow standard things are rubbish and dont look right agains't the xenon lights. Anyone got pics and links of what they use? I've tried the LED things and they are also crap and look a bit chavvy if im honest (certainly the ones...
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    Anyone with an S3 in Aberdeen....

    willing to take me out for a quick spin? I'm getting paranoid with people being in my car when i put my foot down.. You can hear a sucking noise which i always thought was the turbo but im starting to doubt myself now :think: Would a split hose make a sucking kinda noise? It doesn't seem to be...