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  1. Beddie

    8V PRE FL LED reverse lights offer (SOLD OUT)

    Ordered and payment sent, thanks! :smiley:
  2. Beddie

    Photos Of My Car With Facelift Rear Lights :)

    Straight swap mate, 10 mins tops to do both :icon_thumright:
  3. Beddie

    A3 8P 3 Door facelift rear lights for sale

    Other than Bluefin the plan so far is RNS-510 retro fit with Oem Bluetooth, Hertz or Focal 3-way components in the front (i'm missing the Bose lol), WALK kit and maybe a TBE, Milltek most likely :icon_thumright:
  4. Beddie

    A3 8P 3 Door facelift rear lights for sale

    Yeah i did alright considering the state of the used market at present, got bid slightly above book and was able to remove the nav etc, factor in the A3 needed new tyres and a first MOT and warranty was up and i was fairly happy, Cost to change in the deal was right in the end as they came down...
  5. Beddie

    A3 8P 3 Door facelift rear lights for sale

    No probs Ron, The ambient light pack console has gone i'm afraid mate, you can get one from the dealer using the part number on the box in my classifieds ad, direct plug and play replacement with no wiring involved, 5 mins tops! :icon_thumright:
  6. Beddie

    A3 8P 3 Door facelift rear lights for sale

    Hiya Nathan, long time no speak and all that, hows things mate? Dave is spot on, the lights are for sale as the A3 has gone... Was missing the fun factor of my old MKV and fancied a change so picked this up a couple of weeks back, i'll still hang around though, it's got an S3 motor in after all...
  7. Beddie

    A3 8P 3 Door facelift rear lights for sale

    Yeah straight on mate and look great on black cars :) lol
  8. Beddie

    A3 8P 3 Door facelift rear lights for sale

    Mods, could you please leave this one up for a little while? Fed up of tripping over the ****** boxes for these lamps now :) 3 Door 8P facelift rear lamps, as new and only on the car for 2 months, still in original boxes with protective film on lenses,will fit any 3 door A3 8P from 2003...
  9. Beddie

    What is a fair price for a 2nd hand A3 RNS-e

    Nearly, it's got an S3 engine just not the rest of the bits lol Just picked up an edition 30 today am lovin it lol
  10. Beddie

    What is a fair price for a 2nd hand A3 RNS-e

    I'll be selling my RNS-e from tomorrow if anyone's interested? A3 8P model complete with plug and play loom, GPS antenna, code card, oem 2007 DVD's (and 'back-up' version for 2008), removal keys, after £480 /shameless plug lol :laugh:
  11. Beddie


    Prev: MK5 GTi Now: A3 2.0TDi S-Line Next: ED30 GTi or 8P S3
  12. Beddie

    Whats the PCD on my A3??

    5 x 112 PCD is correct for your car mate :thumbsup:
  13. Beddie

    Will my H&R spacers fit a Mk4 Golf

    Afraid not Robin, PCD on the 8P A3 is 5 x 112 and 5 x 100 on the Mk4 Golf..
  14. Beddie

    Milltek poor finish

    Mine fits perfectly, perhaps they sent you a Sportback version by mistake?
  15. Beddie

    A3 Sportback 2L TDI DPF option code?

    Do you have the same style tailpipes as the 170 on your car? The 140's that have had a DPF fitted as an option come with the straight exit exhaust tails as fitted to the 170 as opposed to the standard 'downturned' pipes normally fitted to a 140..
  16. Beddie

    Xenons - Question for owners, which lights operate

    Matt, I've got the Bi-xenons on mine and when using the flash, the high beam shutter portion of the lights come on...on dipped beam i get dipped xenon and side light and constant main beam is high beam xenon and side light DRL's seem to turn off whenever the xenons are activated
  17. Beddie

    What do A3 owners do?

    Fanny mechanic
  18. Beddie

    is my tdi a pd engine?

    PD mate :thumbsup:
  19. Beddie

    170TDI - too much torque for 2wd? Opinions please

    Dave, My wife uses our Bluefinned 140 which has been RR'd at 192Bhp/306lb every day... come rain, shine or snow she's never had any problems at all mate, After all, even my wife has mastered the use of the little right hand pedal, push it a bit to go fast, push it a bit more to go faster and...
  20. Beddie

    Brake pedal travel after brake upgrade!

    The calipers as fitted to the 140TDi with 288mm discs as standard are identical to the ones fitted to a MK5 GTi so no need at all to change the master cylinder... More than likely just air in the system, vag-com is required to do a full air-bleed correctly as it cycles the ABS pump in a...