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  1. A4Andy

    Pics Request - Plates

    Big bump. Anyone? Looking into this again having dropped the idea for a while. I've seen a few kicking around today and they definitely look good for plates with 5 characters.
  2. A4Andy

    Pros and Cons of S2 Ownership

    Ha, just foudn this old thread. Still looking for a wagon. Steve, I don't want a coffin lugger. ;)
  3. A4Andy

    GTA IV online!!

    I was online last night again with the Cliosport boys. Jesus this game is funny. It's just carnage!:box:
  4. A4Andy

    GTA IV online!!

    We played a few. The team banter on Cops N' Crooks was hilarious. Free for all with the Police thrown in was just insane. Everyone is trying to kill you, with the police sending swat teams after everyone. Live expectancy was in seconds.
  5. A4Andy

    GTA IV online!!

    I was playing online with some guys from last night. It was the height of too muchness. :jester:
  6. A4Andy

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Been playong for a couple of hours, haven't even scratched the surface. Looking forward to giving it a better run later tonight. It will be interesting to get the multiplayer fired up. For now I'm off to bed.
  7. A4Andy

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    I'll be picking up my copy from Tesco or Asda at midnight. :0) Roll on the sleepless night!:yahoo:
  8. A4Andy

    Meet/Road Trip

    Aye, could well do. Not sure if I'm not down at the French Car Show that weekend. Don't worry, I'd only be going for the banter! Don't think I could do a French car again, fast as my 182 Cup was.
  9. A4Andy

    Meet/Road Trip

    Gents, it's been a while since we've gotten together for a good run. Last time we met in Crieff and then shot over to Oban before heading off our seperate ways. All in all it was a good day out. Let's have some suggestions for destinations, routes and dates. Personally I'm very interested...
  10. A4Andy

    Pros and Cons of S2 Ownership

    I will Steve. The search begins in ernest around May time. :rockwoot: I need 5 cylinder noise in my life.
  11. A4Andy

    glovebox Snapped!

    It's a very common problem I'm lead to believe. A4sline190 glued his hinge and it's worked fine ever since. Mine simply popped the pin that holds the mechanism together. I don't think Audi sell the hinge as a seperate part. Probably worth looking at breakers if you can't glue it.
  12. A4Andy

    Awesome - Midget Faceplant
  13. A4Andy

    Pros and Cons of S2 Ownership

    Update: Still looking. From what I can tell there are very little in the was of hidden cons. Old car = a bit more garage time. However the spares seem freely available and there's a wealth of knowlege over on
  14. A4Andy

    Scotland Meet North/South

    Last year a few of us met in Creiff and rallied over to Oban for some fish and chips. :D Might be worth a repeat. Late March or early April would be good for me.
  15. A4Andy

    Scotland Meet North/South

    I'm easy. I'm up in Aberdeen next weekend as it happens, probably too late to put a meet together now mind. We could always call a meet at the rolling road day that Cliosport are doing over at Falkland. You don't have to put your car on the rollers.
  16. A4Andy

    Ideas to liven up F1

    Jet power with full reheat capabilities.:scared2:
  17. A4Andy

    1.8t Oil light - eek.

    I think your oil pump is dying.
  18. A4Andy

    LCR Splitters

    Anything has to be better that matt black plastic. Suppose a CF splitter would be nearly impossible to mould by one's self.
  19. A4Andy

    forza 2

    I'm running with the AWE Tuning B5 S4. Pretty sweet bit of kit.
  20. A4Andy

    Call of duty 4

    Yeah, I'm loving the this during multiplayer action at the moment. I am, however, not loving Live. ****** Micro$oft!