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  1. funguf

    SQ5 Hole in rear diffuser

    So I don't usually look at the car from underneath or from a distance so I'm not sure if this is 'normal' I suspect the techs forgot to refit some sort of cover during my last service. Can anyone have a look under their car and tell me if they have a cover in place? Thanks
  2. funguf

    SQ5 Pirelli P-Zero PCNS Warranty?

    So a about a month back, I noticed the car vibrating like a wheelbarrow on the motorway at 60 mph. Now the car is 2 years old and has done about 11k miles, its been fine til now. I took it to a local shop to get the wheels balanced, but something felt off because of the amount of vibration. I...
  3. funguf

    SQ5 Red LED warning lights on all the doors

    Are these supposed to light up when the door opens? none of mine seem to so wondering if there is a setting somewhere?
  4. funguf

    Rear ended by a stolen car

    Hi Folks, I was on my way to the shop today when some @#$%^&# went straight into the back of me. I got winded in the impact and bruising to my legs, otherwise unhurt. The driver and passenger of the other car made off before I was helped to the side of the road. Damage can be seen - got...
  5. funguf

    Disc brake warranty

    So I bought a used RS Q3 at the end of April, had a few problems with the smell but it was sorted. The dealer gave me a standard Q3 to drive whilst mine was in the garage. I got it back a earlier this month and noticed vibration in the steering when braking. Booked it in to the local Audi who...
  6. funguf

    RSQ3 Vibration when braking

    Getting vibration through the steering wheel when braking at 40-50 mph. I don't think this is normal, can anyone confirm? Thanks
  7. funguf

    Q3 2015 facelift LED lights

    Has anyone tried to retrofit these onto the pre-facelift model?
  8. funguf

    Free Cobra exhaust

    Anyone interested in taking a resonated Cobra exhaust system off my S3 saloon? No charge, just two caveats - I'd take you stock exhaust system - You'd have to cover the cost of the swap No problems with it, just not my cup of tea.. Ideally some place in the south-east.
  9. funguf

    Stock exhaust

    Does anyone know if the S3 exhausts are the same for the coupe, sportback and saloon? Thinking about switching back to OE. Part numbers would be great :D Thanks all
  10. funguf

    Cobra exhaust on an S3

    Hi Folks, So the S3 I picked up already had a Cobra exhaust system fitted to it. Not sure exactly what was done yet but it is causing the EML to turn on when driving at speed. The error given is 'Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold' which is what I expected. Does anyone know if this...
  11. funguf

    ODBII security

    With the spate of keyless thefts on S3's around the UK I'm wondering if anyone has considered getting something like a odbsaver to thefts using the ODBII port. I'm considering it but I'm not sure how effective they are?
  12. funguf

    Boot liner for A3 3Dr Quattro?

    Hi guys, Where can I find one of these, vagparts do em for everything else apart from this combo. Thanks!
  13. funguf

    Oil level is too high?

    I checked my dipstick today after filling the engine with some oil, after using the dipstick a few times to make sure it was shows the oil level is about 1cm over the max. Any ideas?
  14. funguf

    Dension ICE Link Plus

    I just put it in and hooked it up to the Symphony II, I thought it was suppose to display text? or am I mistaken? :keule:
  15. funguf

    A3 nothing but trouble

    Bought my 2006 A3 5 weeks ago now and its had to go to Audi two times now. 1. Seat would no longer fold properly, 2 days to fix. 2. There was a clunk noise when changing gears, they have just replaced the fly wheel and clutch. 2 days to fix. 3. Heating element for rear window didnt seem to...
  16. funguf

    Changing from AVS

    Hi Guys, My car is currently on AVS and I plan to get the technicians to swtich to interval when it is in the shop next. I'm wondering but do I need them to do an oil change at the same time? Thanks!
  17. funguf

    Valets in S.Yorkshire

    Hi There, Does anyone have any good recommendations?
  18. funguf

    Strange mark on the dash complements Audi

    Hi All, Just had the seat repaired in my car and found this today on the dash after collecting the car. I have tried all sorts (solvents, tooth brush, water, scrubbing) and cannot seem to remove it, any suggestions would help. Should I call the stealer back tomorrow and get them to sort it or...
  19. funguf

    How do you drive a Quattro?

    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to fast cars and Quattro, coming from a 1.6 8V Astra I would appreciate any tips you guys might have for country roads/wet/gravel/over taking tips and what gears to use that sort of thing. I did snakes pass the other day in the wet, that was kinda scary...but...
  20. funguf

    Retrofit S3 Manual Aluminium Pedal Set

    Hi All, Has anyone tried to retrofit the S3 Manual Aluminium Pedal Set to their A3? Thanks