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    Just fitted H&R springs + Bilstein B8's.

    I'm on my 2nd set of Toyos T1-S with no split problems, after previously using Yoko sports, Bridgestone S03s and P -Zeros (factory fit on my 02 S3) I think the toyos are the best all round tyre I have tried.
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    Will the S3 loose value??

    [ QUOTE ] I cant see the the prices changing that much as stated above. Take a look at the RS focus prices (used) although the ST is here prices havent changed at all & the ST is supposed to be the better car but yet you can get a mint example of the RS at same price of a brand new base...
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    Do I need a Genuine Audi Windscreen for my S3?

    I just had one from Autoglass, they gave me 3 choices - grey tint, green tint or no tint. I wasn't sure of my colour as I was away from the car, so he said let me check what others have had for S3s on the computer, he said something like 85 went grey and about 20 went green - so I went with the...
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    What tyres for track days...

    I've tried five sets on my S3 - and for the last two have settled on Toyo T1-S proxies - basically because I think they are a good all rounder - tested on track too and no complaints. Previous to Toyos I had Yokohoma AVS Sport which were pretty good Dunc
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    R32 rear ARB's

    [ QUOTE ] nick at jabba said only change the rear on your car will handle better and oversteer more than understeer which will be alot more fun, and yess 27mm thick no flex then. [/ QUOTE ] Surprised Jabba are saying that because a 27mm rear bar just doesnt make sense. Dunc
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    Car cuts out over 4k RPM, seems to misfire. Hesitation

    Coil or spark plugs always possible culprits When my coils have gone though, they have gone if you know what I mean - didnt ever happen over a period of time, car would just be undriveable. I had an intermittient misfire on my S3 for a few months once (hesitation/slight loss of power between...
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    What colour to refurb my wheels?

    For me, I'd go grey antracite too (I have a black S3 too) Dunc
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    S3 parts :: What's it worth?

    Hi mate, you will get more back if you sell the mods on seperately, but its the cost of removing/refitting that normally makes this not so worthwhile. I sold some H&R springs for £50 recently if that helps, not sure on the other things Dunc
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    Aftermarket Recaro Seats into an S3?

    Dont know, it didnt say in the article. The S3 with the RS4 engine that Kim Collins built also had a set in the front - actually also gives you more rear legroom too.
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    Aftermarket Recaro Seats into an S3?

    they are - funnily enough they are mentioned in this months Audi Driver - the tt shop sell them - they are called 'Pole Position' Dunc
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    Aftermarket Recaro Seats into an S3?

    There is a recaro bucket seat that you can get in the TT (QS) and RS4 - I've seen a set of these in a S3 - look oem quality too Dunc
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    Warning light ;-(

    you could try - they do some sort of mobile vag com check I think Dunc
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    Brake Judder

    Ryan, when changing the OE porsche front rotors, what did you do with regard to the bell - is it just unbolt from the old rotor and fix to new oe item or did you get a new bell? Dunc
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    AMD - Bad experience - Who else?

    [/ QUOTE ] Who's car did you spot? Tanya [/ QUOTE ] Yours I assume, going past McDonalds in Camberley Dunc
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    Smoke after pulling away - does not smell of oil

    [ QUOTE ] Couled the fact that i've not had it serviced be the problem. Its 12k over due. [/ QUOTE ] ? 12000 miles overdue a service?
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    Latest Problem - Oil Leak

    oh and it was defo oil? - not the PAS pipe leaking as that isn't completely unheard of Dunc
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    Latest Problem - Oil Leak

    Al, I had my slave cylinder changed under warranty last year so I got the dealer to fit a new clutch (car had done 35k miles I think) - It cost me £200 - I'm sure my clutch was fine as I never ever drop the clutch on getaways etc but figured while they were I would defo recommend...
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    AMD - Bad experience - Who else?

    Revo is always a good option because of local agents. If I was doing it again (I have had Revo for 2.5 years), I would use a custom mapper, either Jabba or MRC Tuning. MRC are in Banbury, (I know its AMD distance). I dont see MRC mentioned on this site much at all but Minhea has a great rep...
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    Part number for S3 coil packs

    Does anyone have the Audi part number for the S3 latest revision coil packs to hand? Cheers Dunc