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    Facelift Exhaust Noise

    Hello Folks! I've recently moved to the S3 from an 8P RS3 and the engine note is one of the things im missing most, the S3 runs in Dynamic pretty much all the time as its the only way I can get any decent noise from it , however... My exhaust makes 'crunching' noise when changing gear through...
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    Ttrs front grill

    Look at They do aftermarket ones that are made from a thicker plastic so dont break as easily as a lot of the ebay ones
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    Edinburgh meets

    Theres a meet happening this Saturday at Scone Palace, big bunch of us meeting at Tesco South Queensferry around 11ish if your wanting to come along:icon thumright:
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    Tts/tt 3.2 vs s3

    Can't comment on the S3 side of things but for the TTS I'd imagine everything is pretty much the same. Only real difference in them being S3 has more space in it. Tyres will depend on what size of wheels you get but a decent set of tyres in 19or18" will be around £120ish each. Service wise I...
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    Footwell LED Lights Audi TT RS Retrofit

    If you register on the TTForum, they have a section in the Mk2 area called Knowledge Base. In there they have several step-by-step guides for different mods that can be done, you might find some answers in there
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    Advice please what's the best buy

    Its possible, although audi have been recommending that 10,000 miles is the service requirements and not mentioning the years section. I know that in my service book it has no mention of date/time wise for services, timing belts, oil changes etc. but only mentions miles or kilometers
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    Scottish Car Show Stand - indoor vs outdoor

    I'd say outside again, as the weather was good last year...I will probably regret saying that this year though.
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    Just picked this up.

    Looks good, hpe you get it sorted and back on the road soon
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    Advice please what's the best buy

    Personally I'd go for the 2007 just with the lower miles etc. and i assume the sat nav is the built in RNSe unit which is around £400 extra and would add to any future resale value. The only thing with the black is it does chip easily on the front end, a lot of the dealers wil use...
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    TTS buying advice

    I would stay away from the Phantom Black...its a ****** to keep it clean. From colours I have saw in the flesh in those pictures I would recommend the Java Green, Volcano Red or Scuba Blue. The Grey, Black and Sprint Blue are pretty common from what I have seen. I have only ever saw one...
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    Drivers side window won't come up

    It's a common problem, something to do with the window regulator if I remember correctly. For more info on it best to head to, I think there is a step by step guide on there for repairing it
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    Audi TT mk2 Tfsi engine cutting out when bulb error light on dash

    No idea, sorry. But if you head to the and post in the mk2 section someone should be able to help you out on there Dazz
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    TTS buying advice

    Hullo, from what I know get a late 09- model (facelift version) this one will be clear from the brake squeel that mine suffers. Main things to check that timing belt etc. are changed (audi recommend 4/5 years and charge 450 for it, indie will do it for 350ish.) there are also some models which...
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    My cousin just had his TTS revo'ed!!!

    How old is the TTS? I doubt the car would drop 25bhp in such a short time. TTS should run 265-270 standard with a stage 1 taking it to 300-315 easily. I would be tempted to get it checked out on another dyno
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    Alarm beep when locking and unlocking

    Stay away from Audi for that, they usually charge around £75 just to plug the machine in. Find a good indy that will do it a lot cheaper or put a post in your area meets section, someone will probably have VCDS and be able to help you out. I tried to get it done on mine, but after an hour...
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    Scottish meet?

    Depends on where/when but I could be up for it :o.k:
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    Window tinting Stirling / Falkirk

    There is Tint Tech in Falkirk, not sure on prices though cant find a website for them but know a few people who have had there cars done there in the past with no issues
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    2013 TT 1.8L or 2014 A3 1.8L Cabriolet

    I'd go for the TT, personally don't like the look of the A3 cab. The new TT does look great but it is a bit pricey, and you may be able to talk the price of th mk2 down a bit
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    Brand New Ttrs / Tts / Tt 3.2 Mintex Rear 310mm Discs (free For Charity Donation)

    Just along the road in Falkirk, what days you free and I can try and arrange to get through
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    Brand New Ttrs / Tts / Tt 3.2 Mintex Rear 310mm Discs (free For Charity Donation)

    Never noticed this post the last time I was on, I'd be interested in them If you've still go them. Dazz