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    Poor MPG on 1.6TDI Sport!!!

    Unlucky purchase. I had a right set to with Audi over my 1.6TDI. I got one when they first came out. Ran it for two years and was more than pleased to see the back of it. The computer may tell you it's returning 50+, I can assure you when measured at the pump (Which I kept record for EVERY tank...
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    What mpg are we all getting. 09 a3 sline

    I have S-Line BE with the same engine MY12 with DSG. I did 4000miles throughout October on Motorway and 'A' & 'B' Roads average MPG with On board Computer= 51.4mpg, Actual at pump = 46.4mpg with an average speed of 39mph
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    VCDS to make opensky open/close on keyfob hold down

    I just picked up a new A3 with this option and I asked the guys at Audi to do this and there answer was 'You can't' not sure if it was there opinion of me because I asked them to do work or if they were genuine with regards to the possibility of it being done!!
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    2.0TDI 170 (Automatic!!!)?

    I'm excited now!!!
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    2.0TDI 170 (Automatic!!!)?

    Is the Automatic Gearbox a good thing on a 2.TDI 170? I have the chance to buy a BE ex-demo. Just a bit wary of the Auto box
  6. J

    2.0TDI 170 (Automatic!!)?

    Is the Automatic Gearbox a good thing on a 2.TDI 170? I have the chance to buy a BE ex-demo. Just a bit wary of the Auto box
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    who are you?

    Name: John Age:42 From: East Ayrshire, Scotland Occupation: Bovine Breeding Analyst (Bull Pimp) Car: 2010 A3 1.6tdi Sportback Kitted up to a comfortable standard Jet Black Interests: Work, Work, Work, that order
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    Audi A3 1.9TDIe 2009 Fuel Economy prob

    Enjoy :) Will be keen to hear how you get on
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    Audi A3 1.9TDIe 2009 Fuel Economy prob

    What the missing undertray will do will be absolute minimal I would imagine. Phil_W I have the 1.6TDI common rail engine and with regards to consumption and performance...beware!! It is sooo underpowered. When in low revs it struggles to get up slight hills, you have to drop a gear or two and...
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    Service Indicator ReSet

    Cheers Mike. By the time I'm finished with the car the Stamp is immaterial!! However the last two services were done by Audi and on both occasions they 'forgot' to stamp the book. I appreciate the fact that I have an 'Upmarket' car but I don't appreciate being ripped off and cornered as it...
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    Audi A3 1.9TDIe 2009 Fuel Economy prob

    I've had this problem on my 2010 1.6TDI which is supposed to return easy 60+. Despite regular battles with Audi UK nothing could be resolved. I've been lucky to get 48mpg!! Does your car have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)? If so get that checked. Other than that I would certainly replace...
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    Service Indicator ReSet

    I spoke to Audi garage today. Apparently with the 2009-on models only an approved Audi Garage can reset the service indicator and only if 'THEY' service it. Sure got us by the short and curly's now. Certainly the best way to make money. Can anyone tell me if it can be re-set by any VAGCOM...
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    Service Indicator ReSet

    My car is a 2010 A3 1.6TDI Sport. Maybe it differs from models
  14. J

    Service Indicator ReSet

    Tried all those button presses but nothing changed
  15. J

    Service Indicator ReSet

    Just gave my car a good seeing to. Done all the usual servicing jobs but can't seem to lose the servicing indicators on the DIS or Mileometer. Do I have to get this done via VAGCOM or can I do it without?
  16. J

    Disgusted by AUDI WATFORD!!!

    There seems to be an air of complacency within Audi Dealerships just now. I hope somewhere out there an employee of the company picks up on this thread and distributes it amongst their collegues. My experience is one of discust, so much so I refuse to even go near my local Dealer(s) which is...
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    I Lol'd; A LOT

    Typical Audi!!! They once told me the RNSe could not be fitted to my A3 MY10, then quoted me £4500 supply and fit:think: Got one off of ebay £350 and fitted myself....Total Saving £4150...Thanks Audi
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    Miles Per Wheel bearings

    Put new Michelin Pilot Sport 3's on it January, done 9000mls and already one has gone completely, others OK. Put new one on OSR, noice over past week got worse so drove into tyre place. They jacked car up and freewheeled OSR & OSF both groaning so both bearings gone!! tyres still OK. With...
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    Miles Per Wheel bearings

    My A3 has done done 37,000mls and already requires two wheel bearings!!!!!Anyone else had this problem?
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    Michelin Sport Contact 3 Tyres

    Wear I expect...NOISE intolerable