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    AP Coilover Group Deal

    Thanks, Ive dropped him a PM. Did you arrange £410 inc delivery with DPM in the end?
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    AP Coilover Group Deal

    Is this group buy still available? If so you can count me in..
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    Good Bodyshops In Oxfordshire / Surrounding Areas

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend any body shops in Oxford or surrounding areas, i had a good relationship with a local bodyshop where i used to live but now looking for a new one i can rely on for good quality and price down here! Thanks
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    New Rims with My big Brakes

    very nice! did you paint the callipers yourself? i want to do mine, black is boringgg!
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    looking to get a hybrid turbo at some point

    i got mine from turbo solutions, cost £700 iirc
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    A3 2.0L TDI Turbo Inlet pipe upgrade?

    what would be the benefit of fitting this? i.e what does it improve on the petrol turbo models?
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    v power performance

    i always use v power, i find the car runs better with it and when driving conservatively returns better mpg! supermarket fuels are often very poor quality which is represented by the cheap price..
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    Bose speakers into a non Bose A3 explained..

    Hi guys, i spent alot of time searching and reading on the several threads there are regarding this issue on the forum and just thought i would share with you my experiences from yesterday and hopefully sum everything up in one thread for people searching in the future. I purchased a full bose...
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    want 19" what to get

    here is an old pic of mine on 19" RS6 Reps as requested: as you can see if you fit 19's and dont lower you get that horrible 'monster truck' look..
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    Here is a copy of my graphs, apologies for the quality i had to photograph them with my phone as my scanner isnt working.. power graph: torque graph: summary sheet:
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    this is true, you wont know if it is exactly correct, but it should give a reasonably accurate representation unless your using a rolling road at some dodgy backstreet pretty sure most decent tuning companies will have well calibrated rolling roads.
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    definitely let us know what you get, will be interesting to compare graphs and see if/how much the fmic is giving you..something ive considered before but been told it will give very little in terms of added performance!
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    that seems really strange, over 70lb-ft of torque more with fewer mods! can anyone explain this? faulty torque reading perhaps? or should my torque reading be higher? any other diesel tuners out there got any figures to go off?
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    will try and load them on tomorrow..
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    Yes i got given a torque graph, a power graph and a summary sheet. Think most places supply you with this after a rolling road test!
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    yes running the standard clutch currently with no problems at all!
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    Yes it was a standard 2.0TDI 140 when i bought it..
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    2.0TDI Power Figures

    Hi Guys, recently had my A3 on the rollers, and am interested to see what power figures people with the same/similar upgrades have seen? My car is a 2.0tdi with full milltek turbo back system, bmc cda forced induction, hybrid turbo (turbo solutions) with a custom remap. The rolling road...
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    project A3,,,,DUB low life!!

    very nice mate..loving where your going with this car! OEM+ FTW!
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    Safe Running Boost Pressure For 2.0TDI Hybrid Turbo

    Hi guys, ive finally got round to having the hybrid turbo fitted to my 2.0 TDI A3, i have also had a turbo back Milltek exhaust system and BMC CDA filter fitted so going to have a custom map put on to finish the performance off and maximise my gains. The garage that are going to do the map have...