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    Looking for S3 number 3 !

    Ok I should explain, I first bought a 99 S3 in 2006... Loved it, then fell in love with Motorbikes.... so i sold it a year on and bought one... I was well happy... Untill it started rainng... in 2008 i decided that i wanted another, a 2001 this time, Again i loved it ! but........another bike...
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    Wanted: Engine Cover

    Anyone got a S3 cover going ?... Cant find any on Ebay minus the stupidly expensive Carbon ones.. Many Tanks.
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    Brakes Update and "hose" Question !

    Firstly ive just put my Grooved and dimpled Discs with Mintex pads on. And possibly Halfords it up with some paint :) And now for my next trick i will present a few pictures of a broken hose and the first one to Diagnose and explain will have a Magical Chocolate watch appear in front of...
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    Yet another problem, Engine Rattle

    Daisy has developed an unruly rattle. hear past the ticking.... "F**kSticks" Thinking Cam chain tensioner ?..... I have recently run it very close to dry a few times in the past week.. ok 5 times... Grunge and stuff unheard of that far up ?....
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    Is this for real ? (ebay link, Head gasket seal)

    yo yo yo, seen this on flea-bay... seems a lil "to good to be true" Anyone had any experience with it ? a Tenner against £480...
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    Quick Opinion

    Hey guys whatcha all think of these for a package deal ? Need to renew discs and pads now and plan to go bigger next year along with some lovely 2.1 ness ;) Gary:icon_thumright:
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    Black alloys or not...........?

    Been thinking for a while about Black gloss or matt alloys.. I have a black car and intend to tint the windows to.. Anyone got a black S3 with black wheels ? Whatcha think guys ?
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    Wanted: Rear suspension

    Hi guys, I have tried to have my "huggy bear" lowered S3 raised at the back so i have a spine left after a blitz on the A338 ! It has FK coilies and the previous owner *cough.. C0CK" had it slammed and the rings wound right down so the springs are touching, I have had a local Audi specialist...
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    Thermostat and Bluetooth problems

    Hi guys, Ok it seems every week im back on here with another fault with "Daisy" This time its the Heating and temp needle *Interior Temp never gets hot *Engine Temp needle does what it wants at idle, even going to max and the computer shouting at me. *Car runs very rich for a long time when...
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    Strength and longevity upgrades :)

    Hiya, Im happy with the speed+power or my S3, i would however like to spend some money on making it stronger and as reliable as i can. I am Considering a FMIC for Intake temps but im not to clued up on the internal upgrades i can do. Any recomendations ?
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    Ride height and alignment query ?

    Hi guys, Rightyo My 01 S3's suspension is harder than a woodpeckers nose (Rear) the previous owner stuck some cheapy FK coilies on it and wound them right down... SO THE SPRING WAS TOUCHING ITSELF ! ridiculous no travel at all. I took it to to see if they could fix...
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    Bought an 01 S3... Problems already :(

    Hi guys, I had a previous thread saying i was buying another S3, well i did in the end. The Car is lovely. However !"!"!" When i started it this morning the whole front end and cab was shaking quite violently. This scared the shizzle out of me so i killed it and dapped off to check my fave...
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    Ex S3 owner Returns

    Hey all, I first bout a 99 S3 in the summer of 07, had it for a year spent a bit on it, Remap, alloys, suspension, Miltek exhaust.... Then for some stupid reason I sold it! I know, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in recent years! I bought a Motorbike done my bike test and had a very fun...
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    My S3´s life span

    Hi guys, I am running around 265ponies at the moment, I am happy with this as i think its a good range of power and "ok" on fuel lol. I am now after strengthening (spelt badly) mods and have been reading up on valves and conrods ETC. I am however torn between upgrading said parts or leaving my...
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    Tinted or not ?, Luke come to the darkside !!!

    Hi Guys i was wandering about tinted windows the other day . however i have heard alot of different rules regarding the legalities of it. My S3 is Black and i think it will look good.... Any suggestions and info about darkness % also if anyone knows of any good places around the Salisbury...
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    S3 Exhaust

    Yo !. I have just bought a Milltek (non RES) for around the 420 mark. How much should i be looking for fitting costs ?. Is there any modifications that would need to be done ?. Also When i eventually get a new Turbo down pipe and De-cat pipe Will my car need another remap ? Thx Gary
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    S3 Service, question

    Hiya i have an 1999 S3 at 265, its on 92k now and the "service oil" message is now displayed. After speaking to the old owner he regulary changes the oil himself. I will be able to do this however is the message displayed because of the milage or sensors in the oil ?. The Audi garage said...
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    Hello, New Member New Owner

    Hello all, I have recently bought an 99 Audi S3, it has ben chipped and had Ebach springs plus alloys added allready any suggestions as to whats next ?. I was thinking Exhaust and Manifold !, Any help appreciated,. Gary