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    Jerk on inclines

    Hello, I have a pfl 2016 rs3 with 50000km everything is working fine except this problem, when i take off on incline the car jerks badly almost it stalls, i need to accelerate slowly and gently to take off, sometimes also if I accelerate hard and quickly it's jerks also, a part of that the...
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    P0089 error

    Hi, My RS3 2016 engine light came on, i didn't notice any performance change, when i scan the car with elm327 and torque mobile app i get the following error : P0089 groupe motopropulseur Suction control valve stuck I clean the code but it returns after a while. I will go tomorrow to a garage...
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    Keyless entry problem

    Hi, My keyless entry on driver's door stopped working, i cannot open or close the driver's door, Nothing happens when i slide my hand or touch the button, i need to use the key fob, passenger's door and boot work fine, someone already had this weird problem? Thanks.
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    Clean front windshield camera

    Hello, Do you know please if i can remove and clean the front windshield camera on my 2016 RS3, i have some sort of fog in it, everything is working but it is ugly. Thanks