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    Some MP3s Won't Play?

    Double check the files with this software called "Mediainfo". You might find out that some are not constant bit rate and are actually variable bit rate and thus the max bit rate will jump higher than the allowed max bit rate. If you just view the files using a normal media player or by using...
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    A4 Climate control problem

    The power module is typically located near the blower itself. I believe in the A4 it's behind the glovebox. So you'll need to take out the glove box and see if you can find it. I'm not sure of the price because I had the dealer replace mine under warranty. I can find out for you.
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    A4 Climate control problem

    The solution is to replace the blower power module. The blower works off of PWM, of which the power module then modulates the voltage to the blower motor. The issue is with the power module. It's actually a very common problem with the B6. I've had mine replaced once already and I had the...
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    The word "manifold" is from the Anglo-Saxon "many"+"fold" and refers to the folding together of multiple inputs and outputs. Headers - 1. A special exhaust manifold with tubes of equal length from the exhaust ports to the header of the exhaust system. The term headers...
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    Please advise me! Female!

    I'd stay away from Audi's CVT Multitronic gear box. They have had horrible reliability here in the USA. They have had a reflash campaign here to fix some of the "Shaking" issues that the gearbox can produce, so make sure it's been reflashed to the latest software. Just get a manual or...
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    Qucik question S4 lights

    If you're talking about the rear Tail Lamp/Light then the answer is yes. All the exterior lights from an S4 are interchangable with an A4. The tail lamps are exactly the same part.
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    Performance Camshafts for the 3.0L Petrol (AVK)

    Does anyone know if there is a shop in the EU that makes performance CAMS for Audi's?
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    Anyone know what part number I need

    That one is for a B7, thus I'd stay with a B6 Climate Control. Dumb question but all A4's in Europe come with Automatic Climate Controls, correct? Did your car come with Auto Climate Control? The Double DIN B6 Automatic Climate control Without Heated Seats part numbers are: For cars...
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    How dodgy??

    Not only should eBay be notified but the local law enforcement. You can be taken to jail in the USA for doing that.
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    My Rieger kit finally fitted

    Rieger makes some of the nicest Audi body kits. This one is very nice, especially in RED!
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    There are some manufacturers here in the States that make a high flow exhaust header for the 1.8T but not for the V6. The market for custom headers on Euro cars in the states is small if non-existent. If you find someone in Europe that makes them for the 3.0L V6 let me know!!
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    Anyone know what part number I need

    Niknak, the p/n can be different if you have heated seats or if you have the charcoal pollen filter, which means you have the Auto Recirc button instead of the OFF button on the control. Since you have Sat Nav you have the Double DIN radio, right?
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    mpg? wat yours doing?

    Race gas (100 octane) can be purchased at some local stations and I think it costs twice as much as our premium unleaded fuel. It's inconvenient because it can be completely sold out at anytime and closest station is about 15 miles from my home. The other inconvenience is that you can't pump...
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    mpg? wat yours doing?

    We can only get 94 octane here in the states. I use Shell V-power 93 ocatane and at best I can get 24-25mpg on the highway. The car really does best if I drive 65mph, but the highways here are 70mph speed limit, and of course we actually drive about 80-90mph. :)
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    2003 V6 3.0 engine tuning options?

    can I ask you what the little cone filter you've got just to the right of the main one is? -It is the crankcase breather tube. You actually have to cut off this plastic tube to fit the filter. The heat sheild has mounting holes drilled on it to keep this in place. I actually had to drill...
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    manual or multitronic

    Multitronic = CVT of which they have had TERRIBLE reliability here in the States, so I'd personally stay away from them. I personally have a Tiptronic (5spd Automatic) and love it. I previously had a 97 A4 2.8L 5spd Manual and hated being is stop and go traffic. My clutch got a workout...
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    mpg? wat yours doing?

    I'm lucky to get 300 miles with my 3.0L V6 petrol. :( When it's flat highway driving I can get 350 miles out of one tank. :(
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    S6 LED driving lights ???

    I believe they sell a standard LED bulb with around 6 LED's in a circle for your fog lights. Like this (there are 6 LED's in the yellow area of this picture): And PIAA sells these: H11
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    Possible problem with Going-Fast aluminium mirrors

    That's great news. LOL...about the 100's sold with no complaints! He gave me the same line but didn't follow up with any replacement for my defective tail lamps. :(
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    2003 V6 3.0 engine tuning options?

    Sorry, I forgot to reply. The CONE filter gives off a "whooshing" sound due to the air being sucked into the intake, and this sound is only heard at Wide Open Throttle. It definitely didn't make the engine noticeably louder. Here's a picture of the cone filter installed on my car...