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    Facelift Exhaust Noise

    Hello Folks! I've recently moved to the S3 from an 8P RS3 and the engine note is one of the things im missing most, the S3 runs in Dynamic pretty much all the time as its the only way I can get any decent noise from it , however... My exhaust makes 'crunching' noise when changing gear through...
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    Code Help

    Hi all, I had a Emissions Control System Fault warning light on my 2010 A3 2.0tdi 140 BE last week after a long trip to abeerdeen and back but it cleared itself later on. Yesterday however it came back up, I managed to find someone at work who did a quick scan on it for me and gave me code...
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    Part Number Help

    I phoned the local audi dealership asking for them to check a part number for me on a sensor and confirm if it was the right one I was looking at, gave the guy a part number and he said that doesn't exist, but wouldn't give me out the correct part number so I coudl keep looking for the sensor...
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    A3 8P3 rear headlight levelling sensor

    After a price for the headlight levelling sensor for the rear. Fault code from VCDS scan 00497. Many thanks Dazz:icon_thumright:
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    Dynamic Headlight Range Control

    Hit a massive pothole last night whilst going round a corner and now I keep getting the 'Dynamic Headlight Range Control' warning light coming up on the dash. It only came on this morning after driving for about 20 minutes so think it might just be a loose connection somewhere. I think I can...
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    Eibach 40/50 springs and 19" rims - any issues?

    I'm considering getting some 40/50mm lowering springs on my Black Edition to give it a bit of a lower look instead of going down the coilover route again. Then also considering getting some 19" Audi Rotors later on in the year/start of next year (once I save the pennies up) but wondering if...
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    Anyone heading to Volksfling at Biggar next weekend (25th-26th)? I'm pretty sure I'm heading down but not too sure what day I'll be going though
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    Lowered Black Edition

    Anyone got pics of their black editions lowered? I'm considering getting mine lowered next year but not sure whether to just get springs or not. I understand the Black Editions are lowered about 15-20mm from standard already. Not to sure how 40/50mm springs will actually look like a decent drop...
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    Front Rings

    Hi folks, I've tried to search for this but it keeps crashing my laptop when I search :uhm: Anyway I think I have some 3M Carbon Fibre wrap left over from an old project and was thinking about covering the Rings on the front grille with it. Only problem was thinking on how to actually remove...
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    Head Unit

    Hello Folks, Been getting fed up with the standard Concert head unit and always having to have the iPod volume fully up to get a clear sound through the AUX port. I've been looking around at some different head units but dont have much money to spare (saving for a new house) so I think the RNSE...
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    Window Question

    Hello Folks, Just a quick one, when unlocking the car and holding down the unlock button should the windows open or is this somethin i will require VCDS to enable? I had this function on the TT just cant seem to get it to do the same on the A3. Cheers Dazz
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    Kerbed my wheels :(

    Well in the space of 12 hours last week I managed to kerb my front in the morning then the rears in the afternoon :( was just one of those days. the rears are the worse out of the two but they are both on the passanger side so I dont notice it everyday but when I come to washing the car I seen...
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    Went to see this last night. Was the typical Jason Stratham movie where he beats up pretty much everyone. Was rather enjoyable with a decent story as well. Saw one of those silly orange trailers for The Expendibles 2 as well which I cant wait for
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    Audi Free Service

    Ive got this Audi Free Service thrown in as part of my deal when I got the car in September. The service message has now came on so just wondering if it is actually a free service or one of these labour is free but if you need any top-ups etc then it will cost you. Anyone had experience of it...
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    Quick Badge Question

    Ive got a 2010 A3 BE which has the s-line badges on the side. I was parked at work next to the prefacelift model s-line and noticed it has the s-line badge on the front grill. I am planning on debadging the car and leaving only the Audi rings but think the s-line badge would look good on the...
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    I've got a 2010 A3 2.0Tdi BE (140) I've had the car since the start of September now and the start/stop thing took a while to get used to but it ws great when I got the hang of it, but now it appears not to be working at all. Since probably the start of December anytime I come to a stop the...
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    Windscreen Scratch

    I'v now got a very light scratch across my windscreen, you can hardly feel it with a nail but its just at eye level so very off putting. There was a tiny stone caught under a wiper blade and I didnt notice it until i heard the screech on the window and by then it was too late:( Anyone got any...
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    My New Car Detail

    I got myself a Audi A3 2.0Tdi Black Edition at the start of September so I got the car detailed yesterday by a friend when I was at work, been so busy that Ive not been able to give it a good clean since I got it at the start of september so thought it deserved something special, anyway here is...
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    Alright folks, got myself a A3 Black Edition and decided it needs a bit of lowering. Ive been down the coilovers route before with the TT but it was a bit too low and daily driving was mainly spent scraping along the road. Been informed that the BE is already 15-20mm lower than standard but...
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    Mk1 TT parts

    Need the three lower grills for a Mk1 225 coupe, and the tool compartment in place of the spare wheel from a V6 / QS TT. Cheers Dazz