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    Which Engine/Box Combination?

    I'm thinking about going back to an estate car again having no need for my van anymore and was wondering what people think is the best combination of engine/gearbox spec? The car will be doing the normal bits of commuting and journeys around the local area with a few longer UK runs and probably...
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    Petrol A6 Avants?

    Thanks for all the information here guys, especially BahnStormer. Gives me some idea of what's about and what I should be looking for.
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    Petrol A6 Avants?

    That would explain the lack of petrol models then! I'm currently just looking into the various options but having had a quick look at BMW and Mercedes' offerings the Audi is definitely streets ahead of the others, it just may have to be a diesel instead of a petrol though.
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    Petrol A6 Avants?

    Hopefully it won't be happening for a while but it looks like some time in the fairly near future I'll need to get rid of my current T5 van and replace it with something with a petrol engine in no small part due to the probable extension of the London LEZ meaning that I won't be able to drive to...
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    Cruise control installation guide

    If anyone's looking for a cruise kit, I've got one from Crewe Audi which is brand new and unfitted as I never got round to fitting it and the car's going. I could do it for £60 posted if anyone's interested?
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    Vcds Uk Supplier

    I messaged NHN, got a PM reply but then when I emailed him as he requested I never got any response. I can't remember who the other seller I contacted was.
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    Vcds Uk Supplier

    Try Marshall Industrial, I bought mine from there. I also tried a few other places but never got any replies but with Marshall's I just bought it online and it turned up the following day.
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    Misty rear light

    I had exactly the same on the passenger side rear light unit on my Avant. I pulled the light unit out and popped it in the airing cupboard overnight to dry out. The seal wasn't sitting right so I cleaned it up and refitted it properly and it's been ok since then.
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    Bumper Service Position?

    That's perfect, thanks for that. I'll have another look in the morning, I'm pretty sure I know what you mean though.
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    Bumper Service Position?

    I've had a good look at the car today and it looks like I might be able to get the belt replaced without pulling the whole front out. One thing that I'm struggling to figure out is how to release the tension on the belt. I've had a good look about but can't see any obvious flats for a spanner...
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    Painted Brake Calipers

    What paint did you use on them?
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    Bumper Service Position?

    I've noticed this weekend that the serpentine belt on my B7 is looking a little sorry for itself and is probably due a change. The front end looks a little short on space to change it and I've read somewhere that you can put the front bumper into a service position. Despite Googling it I can't...
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    A4 Avant Roof Bar Fitting

    I've got the Audi roofers on my B7 Avant and my tool is also broken! All I did was nip the clamps up with the tool and have a good swing on the roof bars to see if they moved. If they don't it should be fine :yes: I tightened mine up that way and the bars have never moved. I took the car down...
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    My new (to me) B7 Avant

    Just spotted this. How on earth can the other driver try and say it wasn't his fault? It really does amaze me when people come out with rubbish like that. Hopefully you'll be able to get the car sorted by the insurance as it was looking great before this.
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    Main dealer servicing, surely not worth continuing is it?

    I've been having the same dilemma about my 2008 B7. There's not much chance that I'll be benefitting from any goodwill from the dealers so in that respect it's not worth keeping up the dealer history but at the same time it might look a little better from a resale point of view. I was thinking...
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    Top End Decoke?

    Do you have an eBay link to the brush set you used by any chance?
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    Castrol Oils On Special At Costco

    If anyone's looking for reasonable priced oil for a service, I've just had a leaflet through the door from Costco. They're doing 4l bottles of Castrol Edge 5W30 for £25.90which is about a tenner cheaper than Euro Car Parts. If it's the same stuff as last time they did this then it meets VW spec's.
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    Top End Decoke?

    And the next problem of course is how do we stop it happening again? If I'm doing it myself, I don't much fancy having to pull off the inlet manifold and do it every few thousand miles.
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    Top End Decoke?

    It'll be interesting to hear how the car goes after the clean-up.
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    Top End Decoke?

    So what did you clean them with? Was it just carb cleaner and a wire brush?