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    Not Youtube like

    hi everyone, Why does my rs3 saloon (with perf exhaust) just not sound anything like those on youtube. Im certainly not getting any snapcrackles...especially revving at standstill...just sounds like its blowing air, to the point I cant believe I have a perf exhaust (even valves open)... maybe im...
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    driving without roadtax..!!

    can you believe it... picked up my car from audi stealer early may. paid up £450 for road tax on the day... they cant let you drive off the forecourt without it... only to check today and found im still untaxed. i pursued this two weeks ago and was assured it was sorted out as “there was a...
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    alloy sizes

    Hi, im about to order some new alloys for rs3 saloon. Cos they are coming from quite away, im trying to confirm the fitting and I want to avoid returns etc. The store themselves dont have much of a clue but can you advise if these will fit all round 19" X 8.5J 5X112 ET40 im also wanting to...
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    lurker now owner..

    Hi all, thought id finally come out me shell and say hello. My RS3 saloon or Limousine is a month old. Loving it so far as my last audi was the 5cyl S2 and I feel ive come full Last car was an A45 so im enjoying the comparisons. Got some work to do dechroming and possibly changing...