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    Sold BBS XR Alloy Wheels Satin Bronze 19” Michelin PS4S Audi

    Sadly my B9 S4 is going shortly so I've taken off the BBS XR wheels I bought earlier this year. I bought them from Rim Style as a package with PS4S to replace the P Zeros. Standard wheels are back on so I'm looking to sell the BBS wheels. Two tyres have around 5.7mm of tread and two have 5.9mm...
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    Xenon Headlights To High

    Having had the car for about a month now I’ve noticed that every time I drive the car at night I get the odd oncoming car flashing their lights to tell me to dip mine (when mine are already dipped). The Xenon lights should self-level when they are switched on right? Has anyone had the same...
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    A4 manual gearbox problem

    I picked my 2010 B8 1.8 TFSI A4 up about a week or two ago. It the two times I’ve driven it since I’ve noticed that when cold it’s really difficult to change from 1st to 2nd gear, you need to be really positive with the change. It is much better when it’s warmed up but it is still...
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    Selling wheels - How much to ask???

    I've recently changed the S3 for an A4 and now have a set of 18" BBS CH that are no longer needed. Two of the wheels are lightly curbed and all have Bridgestone Potenza tyres that have covered about 2,000 - 3,000 mile since they were fitted about 6 months ago. Does anyone have any idea what I...
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    New A4 Owner.

    I have recently traded my 8P S3 Sportback in for an B8 A4 Avant as I needed a bit more space and was looking for a bit better economy. So far so good in the few miles I have done. Feels like a different car to drive, more civilised than the S3. have a set of BBS CH wheels which I took off...
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    VX220 vs Lotus Elise S1

    I’m thinking of buying a second car as a bit of a Sunday weapon (I’m not allowed another Motorbike) and have been hanging my nose over S1 Elise’s. A friend of mine has thrown a spanner in the works, he rallies a Vauxhall (but drives a TVR) and he is trying to persuade me that a VX220 is...
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    Wheel Nut Torque Settings.

    I’ve got a set of BBS CHs arriving this week, does anyone know what the wheel nuts should be torqued up to when swapping the wheels over? Thanks.