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  1. kinson

    Pairing a new remote control device for Haldex Performance Gen 4

    Dear fellow members, I had Haldex Performance Gen 4 installed on my S3 Sportback (8PA) couple years already and loved the device all along... until recently. Because I just noticed the the remote control device (the small thing at the bottom of the picture below) is nowhere to be found. Whilst...
  2. kinson

    May I ask.... what's the correct part number for K&N Filter on S3 Sportback (8PA)?

    Looking from the K&N Filter website... the correct part number for Audi S3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI (8PA) panel filter should be "33-2888", is this correct? K&N 33-2888 - Replacement Filters, Replacement Air Filter
  3. kinson

    Upgrade to BBK with a smaller rotor disc (2mm difference)? ABS works with BBK?

    Need some expert advice... I have been searching for a set of BBK which can fit under the 18 x 8J Rays Volkracing G2 wheels. Whilst the Alcon Advantage Extreme is probably the best kit I may find in the market, this Mono6 kit comes with a 365 x 32mm rotor disc which is slighly too big to fit...
  4. kinson

    Anyone tried using motorcycle engine oil on your car?

    My mechanic claimed 5W40 is too think for use in the hot weather here in Hong Kong which can easily reach 36 degrees Celsius during summer. Based on his comment, 10W50, 10W60 or 15W60 are more suitable for turbo engines as these grade of engine oil offers better protection to the engine. When...
  5. kinson

    4-pot vs. 6-pot Calipers... do I really need them?

    Have been considering an upgrade to BBK on my S3 Sportback... Whilst 6-pot is fairly common nowadays and my aftermarket wheels may house them okay. I am a bit uncertain if I really need 6-pots in this case... I, not being an aggressive driver, seldom exceed 150km/h and usually stay around...
  6. kinson

    Brake upgrade... which one should I go for?!

    Hi there... I am going to upgrade the braking system, but there are a few questions that I wish to seek some opinion... Here are some information on the background: I am driving a MY09 S3 Sportback Not intending to bring her on the track, but may do so in couple years time tho it. be very...
  7. kinson

    engine cover for s3 sportback after the air intake mod?

    have been thinking about doing something with the air in-take system on the s3 sportback. however the stock in-take system forms part of the engine cover... and i do not prefer to keep a engine cover even if the air intake system is changed... what choices do i have? :unsure:
  8. kinson

    Rear caliper upgrade for S3 Sportback?

    Have found a lot of choices to upgrade the front BBK, but cannot find information on the kit for rear... wonder if any fellow members here got a solution?
  9. kinson

    Break Pads for S3 Sportback (8PA)

    Help... am thinking of upgrading the front and rear break pads on the ride (2009 S3 Sportback, 8PA). Been thinking about Ferodo DS2500 and Endless MX72 (Endless USA: Advanced Racing Brake Technology » MX-72). However was told that the break pad sensors need to be disconnected/cut to install...
  10. kinson

    Quaife LSD for S3 Sportback (8P5)?

    Can I ask what gain does one get upgrading to Quaife LSD? Have seen GTI/Scirroco owners adding the LSD on their drives, however when looking at wikipedia (under Haldex Traction), it says, "The main components of the new Haldex system are the Power Take-Off Unit (PTU), Limited Slip Coupling...
  11. kinson

    HELP: How to sync the Air Con temperature?

    I notice that whenever my wife changed the aircon temperature at her side (not the driver side), the temperature does not get sync even if I change the temperature at my side (the driver side). Any fellow members can give me a hint? I looked at the user manual and found nothing on this subject.
  12. kinson

    HELP: Battery for MY 2009 S3 Sportback (8P5)?

    Hello, I am thinking about changing the battery on the 8P5 to Varta Dynamic Silver. However, I found from the Varta website the battery for 8P1 (585 200 080 3162) and the battery for 8PA (577 400 078 3162). Unfortunately the size of the batteries are different and the specifications are...
  13. kinson

    HELP: How to change the cabin air filter myself?

    I'm driving a 2009 S3 Sportback and wonder if I may seek some help on how to change the cabin filter? Is it an easy job which I could do myself?
  14. kinson

    Help: Breakpads & Calipers for S3 Sportback (8PA)

    Dear fellow members... wonder if anyone could tell me what breakpads would fit our S3 Sportback stock calipers? Also I was told that our stock calipers come with a BIG single pot. Is it true that single pot calipers are not as good as those multi-pots calipers (e.g. 4-pots, 6-pots & 8-pots)...
  15. kinson

    Ferodo DS2500 for S3 Sportback?

    wanted to change the OEM break pads on my 2009 S3 Sportback, however was told that DS2500 does not fit my car. and modification is required to put the pads on. may I get some advice from fellow members here? what other pads can be considered if I wish to have the same level of quality as DS2500?
  16. kinson

    Wonder TTRS will be equipped with S-Tronic in the future?!

    Wonder if Audi plans to put S-Tronic on TTRS?!
  17. kinson

    Help! Error when uploading the original chip setting to Bluefin

    Help! I have recently received the Bluefin device and completed phase one of the upgrade, ie. downloaded the original ECU data from the car to the device. But when I tried sending the data to Siperchips' server, an error popped up! It says, "[E-UploadOriginalFile-210] Unexpected response from...
  18. kinson

    Help Needed... Haldex Performance Controller Gen 4 Upgrade?

    I've got my 2009 S3 SB (8PA) for > 6 months now really enjoyed driving the car every moment. However this is technically a Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicle unless the front lose traction. Understand that Haldex has an upgraded unit which allows driver to switch between F9/R1 (the stock...
  19. kinson

    wonder what is the engine code-name for our s3

    wonder what is the engine code-name (EA888?! EA113?!) for S3 Sportback? :s3addict:
  20. kinson

    Thousands of Cars Recalled Because of Transmission Problems :sadlike: