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  1. JM 772

    Cete active valve controller for RS3 8v

    Hi all, Im selling if anyone is looking to buy a barely used one. done less than 2000 miles with this on.
  2. JM 772

    Cete active valve controller for sale

    Hi Im selling my Cete valve controller on Ebay if anyone is interested £280 1 year old & the car only done 6000 miles. Car is now sold. Cheers
  3. JM 772

    B&O speaker lights

    Hi, I have a new 2019 RS3 & have noticed that the speaker lights on my B&O system only come on when you open the doors, as soon as you close them they go off again, does any of you clever lot know how to get these on all the time the lights are on? The backlight adjustment is up full but it...
  4. JM 772

    Sportback 2019 RS3 front bumper trim removeal

    Does anyone know if the panel below can be removed for spraying? I have just got the latest RS3 & this panel is now colour coded & i'm not too keen on it, I like the silver it used to come with but if i have a choice i will do it black. Cheers.
  5. JM 772

    Facelift 2017 audi s3 g force meter OBDeleven long coding help please?

    Has anyone done this? if so will you give this simpleton some guidance please? Cheers.
  6. JM 772

    Facelift 2017 S3 res delete pipe for sale

    As tittle £80 including p&p (UK POST ONLY) Paypal or bank transfer. Used for 41 Miles only, still like new but with a gold tint, being an older gent it’s not for me, sounds awesome when the car is floored but I like a quiet drive too. The buyer will need to source a straight pipe...
  7. JM 772

    Racechip GTS Black

    Are any of you guys using one of these on a 2017 Audi S3? If you are, what do you think of it? Cheers.
  8. JM 772

    Wireless phone charger not working

    Hi all, My S3 was New last September & already the wireless phone charger has stopped working, anyone else had issues with theirs? Was it a software glitch or was it replaced under warranty? My car is going in to Audi on Tuesday for them to diagnose, just want to be ready in case they try &...
  9. JM 772

    New S3 Sportback Ibis White

    Picked up my new Audi S3 yesterday & im absolutely smitten, nothing I dislike about it at all (yet).
  10. JM 772

    Race chip

    Hi, I am taking delivery of my new S3 on 1st Sept, Don't really want to go down the route of modifying, however, a friend of mine got his new RS3 in June & has now fitted the Race Chip Ultimate with phone app (£500 i think he paid). he says it is ****** awesome, what are your thoughts, good...
  11. JM 772

    New S3

    Hi all, I have recently ordered a new S3 sportback 5door in Ibis white, it's due in end of September & I can't wait My extras are: S-Tronic Super sport seats Technology pack As u know in the Technology pack you get the B&O system, does anyone know if this comes with the sub in the spare tyre...