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  1. Ludus

    Retrofit Matrix LED headlights to my new Audi A3 8Y

    I'm interested in getting the animation put on mine, can you message me the details pls?
  2. Ludus

    Retrofit Matrix LED headlights to my new Audi A3 8Y

    I wouldn't bother, the standard LED units are great
  3. Ludus

    Are the Audi logo puddle lights standard on S3?

    The standard ones are truly awful, even in pitch dark I can't see the lights on the floor... wtf is the point in them?
  4. Ludus

    Dashboard replacement?

    Would this not be a case of "not fit for purpose" or of sufficient quality? One would assume a premium car such as this would be made of material of high quality and a part as prominent as the dash trim should surely have some form of protection? I only argue this case as I have literally babied...
  5. Ludus

    Dashboard replacement?

    Just noticed a deep scratch in my dashboard, very deep you can put your nail in it… no idea where this has come from just noticed it today, so say in ****** off is an understatement. Is interior damage covered on the warranty? Looks like the entire silver piece will need replacing…
  6. Ludus

    S3 - Cracked Headlights

    The cracks are occurring right on the plastic bend... definitely a manufacturing defect I'd say.
  7. Ludus

    A3 headlights short throw, and generally not very good

    Looks the same as mine, I find them to be great with auto high beam assist. The cutoff is a bit sharp though but they're nice and bright so I suppose they need to be so as not to blind oncoming traffic.
  8. Ludus

    One month in...

    Yeah braking can be a bit of a difficult beast in this vehicle, trying to smoothly stop in start/stop traffic conditions often leads to a big thump as the engine cuts out and a violet stop, usually with no time to take my foot off the break to prevent it. Using less braking helps but it can...
  9. Ludus

    Audi A3 8Y Issues

    Mine is an October 2021 build and i've had zero issues with my software version, I know a lot of others with late 2021 builds that are free from bugs as well.
  10. Ludus

    Any one keep getting flashed by oncoming traffic?

    Not been flashed once, I have the S Line projectors
  11. Ludus

    Rs3 phone box lite

    No, it's a standalone option - "Audi Phone Box"
  12. Ludus

    Adaptive Cruise Control - Is It Possible?

    I also have the distance switch on my stalk and when I try to use it it says the same thing. I always knew the technology was there as I can also see the car distances on my driver assist window so it's simply a case of just enabling the function. When that can be done is another question...
  13. Ludus

    Radio album artwork

    Perhaps Audi are testing some new firmware updates? Maybe it'll be a FOD for £100 :whistle2:
  14. Ludus

    A3 8Y Headlight washer

    I have an S Line with standard headlights, i'm pretty sure I don't have them, at least I haven't noticed them. I'm sure it was a legal requirement for OEM LED headlights to come standard with headlight washers though :think:
  15. Ludus

    Centre console audio controls lit?

    Mine is lit
  16. Ludus

    Different seatbelts?

    I suppose that makes sense, just odd they didn't just do it to both.
  17. Ludus

    Different seatbelts?

    I’ve just noticed something which is seriously bugging my OCD, my front passenger seatbelt socket is covered in soft felt, but the driver one is just plastic… is anyone else’s the same? Little details like this seriously bug me grrrr!!
  18. Ludus

    Start/Stop Electrical Whine?

    I've taken mine to Audi today and they said it's normal as that's where the MHEV system and internal relays are. I'm not sure though, as some don't appear to hear it...
  19. Ludus

    A3 Hidden Features

    Had me in the first half ngl
  20. Ludus

    Start stop on stronic

    I hear it as well and it's doing my head in. I'm going to bring it up to my dealership this week.