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  1. dancarpy

    Any advice on getting a S3 8L lower on the rear only

    Cheers Karl. You might have a old number or something, ill get you his number and pm you . Yeah the R is awesome! :) But i have this exact problem with the R now. As i did with the S3. haha. The back sits too high! I havnt taken the adjuster out yet but even after that i dont think it will go...
  2. dancarpy

    Any advice on getting a S3 8L lower on the rear only

    Not been on here in ages as you know karl i switched to the darkside! haha Yeah sandip did change the rear springs but i cant remember what springs they were. He did it last year! Apex does ring a bell though! Hes started to garage his S3 too and has a daily runabout now! :)
  3. dancarpy

    A3/S3 videos

    Sandips S32
  4. dancarpy

    Sandips (strange) build thread

    Just so you dont have to click the link :) haha
  5. dancarpy

    Stack boost gauge fitted!

    Looks Good!
  6. dancarpy

    Sandips (strange) build thread

    Haha quite equal at the moment i think after the other night ;) after i followed him to do some logs. Sandip took me in it and i have to say it is awesome. I love the R32 anyway but having it in a S3 shell is just so weird, but a good weird! The power delivery is immediate as soon as the foot...
  7. dancarpy

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Not posted any pics in a while ! :)
  8. dancarpy

    Sandips (strange) build thread

    S**T Alex... How did you guess? :D
  9. dancarpy

    insurance has dogged me right off

    GreenLight FTW !
  10. dancarpy

    Sandips (strange) build thread

    Haha I am near you....well im in the Manchester area!
  11. dancarpy

    Sandips (strange) build thread

    Haha 7 pages in and it's become an actual build thread! If anybody can hack my phone they can see the pictures of the beast in progress ;) haha
  12. dancarpy

    S3/A3 vs ?????? tell us your stories

    What about mutantfatcats RS4 ? anyone wanna try ? haha youll get a shock !
  13. dancarpy

    Sandips (strange) build thread

    Haha VR6 corrado. You not like?
  14. dancarpy

    DYNO DAY-ASN Sunday 30th October 2011

    Possbily keen ! but im on emergancy standby call on that week :( . ahh well . i might just take the gamble ! haha
  15. dancarpy

    dog bone bush best one ?

    I'm also in the process of buying a dog bone bush as I'm having my 3" downpipe fitted some time this week! Red or yellow. That is the question :/ how bad is the yellow really? Unbareable? Gunna grab one tomorrow or Friday!
  16. dancarpy

    Few more ADI pics :)

    Hi guys. Was great meeting some of you on Saturday. Diddnt really meet everybody i was too busy taking pics and video. lol Cant wait for next years ! Defo going on track next year! Anyway heres some pics... Album 1 Album 2
  17. dancarpy

    North West-ADI Convoy

    This is getting earlier and earlier ! haha 5:00am ! :wtf: safe to say i will be consuming alot of red bulls that day ! haha
  18. dancarpy

    Audi Driver International - Strensham Services Meet-Up List

    1. The Doctor (Paul) - Silver S3 8L 2. Sandip - Nogaro S3 8L 3. Dancarpy - Black S3 8L Me and sandip and pabs will be meeting at trafford krispy kreams and then heading down to you ! :)
  19. dancarpy

    check out my amazing courtesy car

    i would not be seen dead in that ! i would have rather walked ! haha :D