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  1. cocain

    A1 Boot Tool Storage Tray

    Sorry if this is not in classified sales etc as for some reason I cannot see how to post there. Any way I'm not selling but giving away this storage tray that goes in the boot if anybody wants it and is wiling to come to collect from High Wycombe, Bucks. It's FREE!!! From a 2017 A1 S Line Black...
  2. cocain

    Anybody interested???

    I (well my other half ) has her 2003 B6 1.9tdi 130 on her dad's drive. I had to get her a smaller car, shes got an A1 now. He starts it every week to keep it going. I had it and gave it to her a while back when I got my A8. It has dents in most panels as she has had a few accidents but it still...
  3. cocain

    Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth car kit

    Hi A friend is looking to purchase the parrot ck3100 to fit in their 2007 tt with bose and concert stereo. Can anyone tell me exactly what additional harness will need to be purchased to have full functionality with the steering controls etc? Thanks
  4. cocain

    D3 Undertray

    Hi Does anyone know if a undertray from a 3L A8 will fit on a 4.2? Cheers
  5. cocain

    Dension Gateway 500 & AVR - TV Tuner???

    Hi Guys, Has anyone got a Dension Gateway 500 and the AVR add on kit? If so can you tell me if i will be able to add a didtal Tv tuner (aftermarket not Audi) and run it through this equipment. I want to put it on my 2006 A8 MMI2G. I do not have a tuner installed/rev camera or have the module...
  6. cocain

    MMI SAT NAV Which one?

    Hi I have purchased n A8 2006 D3 but the sat nav DVD disc is missing. How do I know which version 2G, 3G etc. do I have as I want to get a disc. Can anyone help? Cheers
  7. cocain

    A8 D3 tweeters

    Hi, Does anyone here no how to remopve the top of the dash on a 06 A8 to get to the tweeters? Thanks
  8. cocain

    Tv Tuner

    Hi Guys, I am looking to get an A8 shortly and will be trying to get tv reception if it does not already have it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good tuner that will intergrate with minimal work? It will be a 2004 - 2006 model. Is the tuner the only thing that I will need for this...
  9. cocain

    Interesting How to make spares

    I thought this was interesting if there are any engineers out there. I was looking at a story on 3D printing and went onto a website called shapeways where you upload your 3D image and they make it for you. The if you want they will reproduce it and sell it for you online. This guy has made...
  10. cocain

    Front bumper

    Hi guys, I'm going to purchase a new front bumper and have the part number from the stealer of 8E0 807 103 GGRU. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between that bumper and the bumper part number 8E0 807 103 FGRU (Please don't say F) I've got a feeling it is headlight wash or parking...
  11. cocain

    Bumper cover part codes?

    Can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 bumper codes 1) 8E0 807 103 FG RU 2) 8E0 807 103 GG RU the 2nd one is the code given to me by the stealer for my car but I have seen many on ebay for sale a lot cheaper but with the first code. Is there a difference in fitting or a problem...
  12. cocain

    Windscreen demister problem

    My windscreen de mister has suddenly stopped working. Does anyone know what the problem can be. the rest of the heating and aircon seems to be ok but when I turn it on to demist there does not seem to be the forceful gush of air that usually comes out of the top vent pointing up to the...
  13. cocain

    Headlight repair kit

    The part of the bracket that you screw the headlight down to the vehicle has brokem off (the right top one) so I went to audi and they sold me a repair kit. It has no instructions. Has anyone fitted one of these before? It looks like you have to cut away the old top part to replace the new part...
  14. cocain

    Credit card coin holder tray

    Hi Chaps/esses, Can anyone tell me if the B6 credit card holder to the right of the hazard light switch is the same as the B7? Meaning will the B7 fit in a B6? Thanks
  15. cocain

    recaro interior & S3's

    Hi, can someone tell me Are S3's only 3 door? And if so is the recaro leather interior available for 5 door A3??? thanks
  16. cocain

    1.9TDI Quattro more BHP

    Hi Guys, I have an 1.9 TDI Quattro 130 had it changed the suspension dropped it a bit and had it remapped a while back which brought it up to 178. I'm kinda used to it now and would like a little more out of it if poss. Can anyone tell me what i can do to get it up to around 200BHP and if this...
  17. cocain

    Symphony II cd player Error 3

    Has anyone had this error message on their cd player? I sold my symphony cd player and he has said it comes up with error 3 when he tries to put in a cd. He says in the book it says hold the eject button down to clear it but this does not help. Has anyone had the smae problem and cured it...
  18. cocain

    Heated seats - Wiring

    Hi guys, I'm retro fitting heated electric recaro seats into my A4. Does anyone know or know where i can find what wires go where in the plug for the heated seats that plugs into the back of the climate control unit. i have a loom form Germany but the end that plugs into the climate control...
  19. cocain

    Loom harness for heated seats???

    hi Guys, Anyone know where I can get the wiring harness for the heated seats that runs from the climate control unit to the seats. And also to make the electrics work. Been trying to get it from the guy who sold me them but he ain't got back to me yet. also tried a german company that wasl...
  20. cocain

    A4 seats saloon / avant / cabriolet???

    Hi Guys, I have a saloon and want electric heated seats. can anyone tell me if seats front and rear will fit from an avant. i'm sure the rears from a cab won't but what about the fronts? has anyone done this before and is there any modification needed or is it a straight swap. Also what...