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  1. KIlberz

    Q2 SQ2 2020/2021 OBD ?

    Hey, I've ditched the new 8Y A3 in favour of a new SQ2 due to electrical issues and a constant back and fourth to the garage. I'm gonna miss that interior on the A3 the SQ2 is certainly a step backwards in that department. However, more fun hopefully. I had ODBAPP from Germany to customise...
  2. KIlberz

    A technical error has occurred. The user could not be loaded.

    Anyone had this yet? Can't load profiles so having to drive as a guest. Mimi says "a technical error has occurred. The user could not be loaded."
  3. KIlberz


    Anyone made any mods yet to their A3 ? As we have a German Shepard I've had the dog guard and seperator made, also a custom fit boot liner which covers the boot light so I've wire tapped into the 12V Boot light and run an LED strip so I can see what I'm doing when it's dark. Be interested to...
  4. KIlberz

    I got my A3 - few questions though!?

    Took delivery of my A3 Edition 1 35 S-tronic TFSI and loving it! Managed to finally get it working on my Audi app (tip change the pin in the app and it starts working). Anyone know why can't lock / unlock the vehicle or set climate to warm up the car like you can on other Audi's ?
  5. KIlberz

    A5 8T '12 : Concert MMI to 3G Plus Google

    Hi Everyone -- I've had my 2012 A5 8T 1.8 TFSI S-Line Black Edition for about 4 years now, 60k miles on the clock and going strong. Been giving it some love lately and installing a few bits, but the thing that I hate about this car is the MMI, the Concert one is basic bluetooth but only calls...