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    Internal Circulation Setting

    Hello, for those with the dual-zone climate control in the 8Y, does the internal circulation setting (either Auto/Manual) stay after shutting off and restarting the car? or do you have to click that button every time the car is started? Thanks.
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    8Y S3 Battery Location

    For the 8Y S3 saloon, is the battery in the front or in the trunk?
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    Keyless Entry Setting

    For the newer A4/A5, Q5 and above, in the car's MMI setting one can go to Menu>Vehicle>Vehicle Settings>Central Locking and then uncheck the box that says "open with convenience key" to disable keyless entry.. Is there such option in the 8Y A3/S3 in the MMI or does it still use the same 8V...
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    Next Gen 2021 Audi A3 Sedan Debut

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    2021 Audi S3 Preview Video

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    Next Gen S3 Sedan Spy Shot

    More pics here...
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    Facelift 2020 Audi A3 Final Model Year?

    Seems like it based on the Audi Germany website...they have the 2020 Audi A3 configurator up.
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    Facelift 2019 Audi A3/S3/RS3 MMI Settings

    I know that the MY2018 A4 has the option to turn off keyless unlocking via the MMI. Does the 2019 A3/S3/RS3 have such option in the MMI? For those with the Audi Sound System (not B&O), does the MY2019 have the subwoofer control? Thanks.
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    Next-Gen A3 Render

    No idea how accurate it is, but seems to align relatively well with previous spyshots.
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    Facelift Facelift Air Vents

    I understand that, compared to the pre-facelift cars, the facelift models have lost the telescoping air vents where you can adjust the level of jet vs. diffuse. Since there is no adjustment, is that fixed level of jet/diffuse in the facelift models equivalent to full jet, full diffuse, or...
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    Next Gen S3 Spy Shots

    More pictures here...
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    Facelift Likelihood of 2019 Competition Package

    Audi has often released a competition package for the last model year of a given facelift A-model car (e.g. the 2016A4, the 2018 A6, etc...). What do you think are the chances of an A3 competition model for 2019, given that it is likely the last model year for the 8V before new design.
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    Facelift RS3 Saloon Swaybar Part#

    Hello, does anyone know the size (diameter) of the RS3 front and rear sways as well as their part numbers? Are they the same as the S3 ones? Thanks in advance.
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    Front Lower Control Arm and Bushing

    Has anyone had to replace their front lower control arms and/or bushings yet? I am suspecting that they are squeaky when going over bumps at low speed.
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    Exterior window trim gap with seal above B-pillar

    Hi All: I am just wondering if anyone can post close-up pictures of the gap between the exterior window trim and the seal above the B-pillar for the rear door. I find the gap to be quite a bit bigger than the gap of the front door. I am just wondering whether this is normal. Thank you very...
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    Suspension Noise Diagnosis Help

    Dear suspension gurus, I am looking for your help and insight on the following problem...please see below... Observations: 1) Occasional faint metallic clunking sound from the front driver's side when going over rough patch of road or occurs 20% of the time 2) Seems more frequent at...
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    RS3 Pricing Announced The base price for the Audi RS 3 Sportback is 54,600 euros, and the Audi RS 3 Sedan is listed at 55,900 euros.
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    Stock 18" Wheel Weight

    Anyone know what the stock 18" wheel (any style) weight is?
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    How many rattles does your car have?

    How many (and where) rattles does your car have, especially when going over rough road and bumps?
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    Headlight Low Beam Range

    Hello, does anyone have any video or picture of night time driving with low beam? My dealership recently adjusted my headlamps higher. They said it is within regulations but I found them abnormally high (the visibility is just superb). A car has flashed his high beam to me tonight, so I suspect...