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  1. Mohammad-997

    Handbrake adjustment

    Hi recently im having to pull my handbrake all the way up for it to actually stop my car from moving. I checked up how to do handbrake adjustment and i come across this which does not look normal at all to me. Can someone point me towards the right direction please
  2. Mohammad-997

    Car feels like its losing control

    Hi recently ive had an issue were if im switching lanes and i move my steering towards the right its as if the car is losing control. Also when i turn right its like it wants to spin out and the traction light comes on. The steering is straight and doesn’t pull to a side. 2 days ago my tyre...
  3. Mohammad-997

    Bkd140 not boosting properly

    I have changed my turbo yesterday as my car was occasionally going into limp mode along with the turbo making a siren noise. After changing it the turbo is still making a noise but there is also turbo lag before the turbo kicks in. Whilst doing 60mph on the motorway my car went into limp mode...
  4. Mohammad-997

    Audi A3 8P Gearbox Mount

    Hi i was looking to change my gearbox mount. Ive been told that i would also have to change the bolts along with it and wondering if the mount itself would come with bolts or what bolts would i need to buy. ive had a look at this mount not too sure if it comes with bolts or not...
  5. Mohammad-997

    Key stuck in ignition barrel

    Ive just parked up and wanted to turn my car off but my key is not turning in the ignition barrel to let me turn it off. I then had to stall the car in order to turn it off but even then the key is not coming out. I tried to use a pin in the whole to release the key but did not work and i tried...
  6. Mohammad-997

    Key not turning off ignition

    Ive just parked up and wanted to turn my car off but my key is not turning in the ignition barrel to let me turn it off. I then had to stall the car in order to turn it off but even then the key is not coming out. I tried to use a pin in the whole to release the key but did not work and i tried...
  7. Mohammad-997

    Horn not working and locking conformation blink

    Hi ive had my battery taken out for over 40 minutes and put it back in and realised the horn was not working and when i lock the car the locking conformation blink was not working aswell. Ive scanned the car and these faults come up i erase them and they come back straight away.
  8. Mohammad-997

    Audi a3 8p 2006 doors do not lock and windows dont operate

    hi i have just tried to lock my car with the remote and it is not locking the fob flashes but nothing happens. My windows were open so i started my car and tried to close all 4 windows but they would not close i tried door by door but it did not work.
  9. Mohammad-997

    VCDS Security Access Code Needed

    hi i was trying to enable locking horn conformation on my car using vcds but it is asking for security access code? How am i able to obtain this as i have looked online ive tried 12345, 12233 and nothing works.
  10. Mohammad-997

    Torsion value not correct

    hi i hooked up vcds today and had a look at my injectors and torsion value. I know my torsion is out of place but is everything else okay? Or does anything else need ammending
  11. Mohammad-997

    Bumpy ride

    hi i have a audi a3 8p 2006 sportback s line. The ride on it used to amazing proper smooth and could barely feel the bumps on the road. However now i can feel the slightest bump ive had my front wishbones changed and rear suspension arms ive had my shocks checked and their fine. What else could...
  12. Mohammad-997

    Oil leak

    Hi i have noticed having some sort of leak around here which i have circled. What could that be?
  13. Mohammad-997

    Ac not working

    hi my ac is not working. I press the ac button i can head the fan running but once i press the button no air comes out the vents as if it is being trapped? Once i press the ac button to turn it off the air starts coming out again
  14. Mohammad-997

    Torsion value

    what are the effects of having a way off torsion value? Mine is currently on -4.6 however the car seems to run jus low power on low end revs and more power on the high end of revs? How easy it is the adjust the torsion value? I have a audi a3 2.0tdi bkd so whats the best torsion value to have?
  15. Mohammad-997

    Brakes become soft

    i have a audi a3 8p 2.0tdi and recently the brakes have become soft sometimes. I would be driving and when i brake sometimes id have to press the pedal all the way down for it to actually grip the brakes. Most times it just grips it as soon as i press it.
  16. Mohammad-997

    Car shaking whilst stationary

    My car starts shaking whilst idle once the temperature reaches 90. Ive just had my cambelt and waterpump changed had my egr cleaned out glow plugs changed and my engine mounts changed. After having my cambelt changed ive noticed my car isnt as responsive as before and doesn’t accelerate as good...
  17. Mohammad-997

    Wire hanging out of side of glovebox

    i have a wire hanging out on the side of the glovebox can someone tell me what its for?
  18. Mohammad-997

    Reverse cameras

    hi im looking to buy a reverse camera is there any good ones out there and how would i fit them?
  19. Mohammad-997

    Rear speakers not working (non bose)

    hi ive installed an aftermarket stereo which is an xtrons stereo everything works except the rear speakers. Its on my audi a3 8P sportback 2006. The original stereo i had in there was an audi concert stereo. I have a sub installed in the boot apparently on the left hand side which power the rear...
  20. Mohammad-997

    Audi a3 coolant light

    hi my coolant light has come on its reached minimum again, i had topped it up 3 weeks ago and its gone below min i checked around to see if there is any leak but could not see anything however i had noticed this under the engine tray what could it be