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  1. Don Mundo

    DTM register / owners thread

    Sign me up for WhatsApp group, one DTM is located in Latvia now.
  2. Don Mundo

    10mm spacers on B8 A4.

    Hey. Just bought a new set of wheels for my B8 audi - the BBS CH-R Series CH118 (20", ET40), pretty excited about them,but wanted to get a bit more aggressive stance for it, so I ordered a set of 10mm spacers. While installing them understood that my centre bore doesn`t reach the inside of the...
  3. Don Mundo

    Engine swap?

    Hey,everyone. I'm just curious, what kind of engine is possible to swap on the same mounts as CAGA 2.0TDI,since the local laws doesn't allow to engine swap, if you have to modify engine mounts, ofc unless you do the huge paper work and make it as a "project car". And how much of a rocket...
  4. Don Mundo

    Audi B8 2.0 tdi CAGA coolant temp problems

    Can't tell you about other cars,not working in a field. I know only about mine, the 2.0tdi CAGA with 8-speed CVT.
  5. Don Mundo

    Help Please 2.0 tdi 140 - Poor fuel consumption & low coolant temp

    Hey,had a similar problem on the same engine,maybe my thread will help you with some information.
  6. Don Mundo

    Better late,than pregnant. [awkward hello]

    Since I didn`t manage to say hello when I registered,cause I was stressed out about my car and some other stuff,here it goes now - Hi. About the car I drive,its a second-hand Audi A4 B8 2.0tdi, year 2010, Sline. Right now its silver,but who knows,maybe it will change some day. Using original...
  7. Don Mundo

    404 no status found.

    404 no status found.
  8. Don Mundo

    Audi B8 Sline Monza Silver

    Audi B8 Sline Monza Silver
  9. Don Mundo

    Audi B8 2.0 tdi CAGA coolant temp problems

    So finally I got it fixed and found out what's the problem of my car. The problem was with (Part number) 03L 122 157 M, marked in picture as Nr. 23. Sadly dealer didn`t tell me important thing, that I got 3+ Thermostats, on the phone they said I got only 1. And after troubleshooting - that I...
  10. Don Mundo

    Audi B8 2.0 tdi CAGA coolant temp problems

    Thank you for your time. During summer time didn't notice any kind of problems with temperature, maybe I just was unaware, but it's less likely. Yes,the gasket would have been my next guess,but didn't want to waste any more money just by guessing. The thing is,I haven't noticed any coolant loss...
  11. Don Mundo

    Audi B8 2.0 tdi CAGA coolant temp problems

    what about the carbon build-up? or it won't increase due to running on lower temperatures?
  12. Don Mundo

    Audi B8 2.0 tdi CAGA coolant temp problems

    Hey. I'm having some major problem with my car,bought it second hand, came winter and as soon as ambient temperature dropped below +5°c I noticed that my cars engine doesn't want to heat up properly. Needless to say that it happened also after an Audi recall remapping. At first thought that it's...