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    Low engine oil warning

    WWhen did you do last oil change? Sometimes you can get such info when oil is too sooty or someone was playing with service interval settings.
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    Help Please name the part

    Hi, It is actuator but bad info is that it's part of the turbo and you can't buy it from normal shops or dealer. The only way is to get i touch with company regenerating turbos or sometimes you can get one of ebay. Important thing is that it has to be either original from the same turbo model...
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    high wattage bulbs yes or no

    I only say what i have experienced (not personally tough). Quite suprised that they work for such long time.
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    HID Conversion....Any Good?

    In A6 C5 ballasts can be fitted to lamps as even halogen lamps got special bay on the bottom to mount ballast with clamp ( should be supplied with kit). Looks almost good as original.... Also a small advice. If you own C5 it's better to change geometry of beam to flat ( for continental...
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    central locking

    Do diagnostics first, errors will tell more...
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    Mileage problem

    I can help you with this. I do repair these.
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    high wattage bulbs yes or no

    DON'T do this!!!. Wiring loom will be fine but you'll destroy your lamps. Higher power of the bulb mean higer temperature of the bulb and inside your lamp. Within short time you'll burn mirror and lense (if you have one) and that will cost you few papers to replace both lamps. Just do a HID...