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  1. Gazjs

    Some Questions - First Browse in a While

    I haven't posted in a while, and i am looking to query a few things i thought o rear when last on but cant find again! 1 year "check up" - does such a service exist from Audi? When i had an Audi under a company car, i got a card through the door telling me it was time for my free 1 year check...
  2. Gazjs

    Alarm - How Sensitive?

    Been playing around with the car a lot these past few days, and I managed to set the alarm off while locking and waving my arm around inside the car. The alarm didn't appear loud at all. Infact, the people in the house didn't even hear it. Since then I have tried to set it off again. Waving...
  3. Gazjs

    Dash Cam - Parking Mode

    I realise many people are using third party battery's to power there cameras, but for those not: Are you running 1 channel or 2? What model of camera? What model of Audi? How long does recording appear to last before the battery cuts out? Thanks in advance!
  4. Gazjs

    New Tax Rates 2017

    So with the government introducing new tax rates, could this be the end of people buying new? Second hand certainly seems more attractive now, and it would seem based on Audi lead times that any car ordered in December onwards may well fall victim of these increases. Do we think dealers will...
  5. Gazjs

    Strange Exhaust Noise

    Was trying to avoid starting another topic, but the search function didn't seem to bring anything up. Went for a blast tonight, came back and put the car in the garage and then decided to check how dirty the tips were. I heard a weird sounds, almost like a small stone rattling about? It was...
  6. Gazjs


    Can't say I have noticed this on any of my other cars, but when I was drying the car after a wash yesterday (patting dry with towel) I noticed just how soft and flexible the door panels are, to the extent where a simple pat with the towel and the door bodywork was popping in and out. This was...
  7. Gazjs

    Dr Leather

    Recieved some Dr Leather wipes and Dye Blocket today. Impressed with the wipes while using on the sofa as a test. Cleaned up well (cream leather) and smell very nice. Not used the due blocker yet but it comes in a very nice bottle and seems very robust. The negative ..... The wipe...
  8. Gazjs

    Door Latch.

    A freind sent these pictures today. Got them on EBay for around £3. They just stick over the existing item. Anybody got these? I think they are nice and could be a nice mod. But then I also think they could look a bit tacky. Opinions?
  9. Gazjs

    S3 Shoulder Bolsters

    Anyone know the best way to clean the material shoulder bolsters in the S3? What is the material? Mine seem to be picking up lint/material from clothing, and before I take a small brush/lint roller to them I want to be sure of the material and potential damage a process can cause.
  10. Gazjs

    Gyeon Silk Dryer

    There's seems to be a lot of people with the Gyeon protection on the forums. I recently purchased the "silk dryer" and it arrived today. It has many good reviews. Has anyone used it? Which side of the towel did you use? There appears to be a side with small microfibres and a side without.
  11. Gazjs

    Grill Defect?

    Please see attached pictures and offer advice. Was taking pictures today of the car, was down by the S3 badge on the grill and came across this down on the bottom drivers section. Does this look like factory issue? What could it be? It looks almost "burnt"
  12. Gazjs

    Its Here :D

    Well today was collection day. Not too bad a wait from my initial order date at the beginning of January. The spec I ordered can be seen in my signature .... The car was actually available last Friday for collection, but the soonest I could manage was today :( Boy was it worth the wait though...
  13. Gazjs

    Motor Legal Protection

    Is it a necessity? What are people's views?
  14. Gazjs


    I realise there is a dedicated insurance section, but this part of the forum sees higher traffic . Looking to insure S3, who is everyone with? I have used the usual compassion website, but am aware that not all companies advertise on them. Thanks in advance.
  15. Gazjs

    Genuine Parts

    Reading about Audi Ensurance, is it really that critical that I source an insurance that replaces parts with genuine items? Currently looking to insure S3.
  16. Gazjs

    Perth Audi

    With collection day looming, I am now thinking down the detailing stage. I have all the gear and polisher to polish my car etc. My last new car came from Coventry Audi and the prep was good. No real defects. I haven't mentioned any special instructions for this collection, and I am wondering...
  17. Gazjs

    The Waiting Game ....

    So, how does everyone "cope" with the wait to delivery? Do you avoid the forums, constantly refresh the forum somehow thinking it will speed your order up, or are you really not that fussed? I personally am pulling my hair out! This isn't healthy :D
  18. Gazjs

    Sepang V Scuba

    To cut a long story short .... Ordered Sepang Blue, seen it in the showroom and loved it. Now, a freind has Scuba Blue, and the more I look online at Sepang, I am seeing Scuba. I don't like Scuba and its starting to make me question my colour choice. Does anyone have a side by side shot of...
  19. Gazjs

    Hello From Scotland

    Its a late hello, but better late than never ..... I joined the forum last year, when I was ordering a 1.6TDI SE A3 as a company car. I soon realised the forum was more aimed at the higher spec cars than the SE perhaps. I am back as a regular user however, having ordered an S3 Sportback, which...
  20. Gazjs

    Colour Etc

    I don't know what its called, but I am wondering how to get the information under the display picture. People have "Team Sepang" etc .......