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  1. James.c

    Dpf deletes...

    I fancy deleting my dpf for a little more noise and mpg and power obviously! I can get mine cut and fit but it’s obviously a little permanent. Darkside pipe looks the business but quite a few quid Has anyone fitted these eBay ones? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. James.c

    What is this part and is it needed?

    What is the plastic parts between the turbo and the intake hose on my 3.0 v6 tdi? I’m going to make a new intake hose just wonders if I can go straight on the turbo or if I have to keep all the plastic bits Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. James.c

    Not been on for a while confused about wheels...

    Hi guys it’ll soon be time for a new set of tyres and I don’t really like the stock rotors on mine I think it looks dated. I really like this style but all genuine Audi ones are well over a grand so I’ve these replicas on eBay... Both 20” One is 8.5j wide which is stock? But with an et 35...
  4. James.c

    Sat nav question

    On mine I obviously have the map on the screen in the middle and between the Rev counter and Speedo I get arrows and directions but I’ve seen some with the actual map there too is that on facelift models or is that something I can activate? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. James.c

    Brake pad warning light 2 weeks before mot... what are the best brands

    What does everyone recommend? In the past with cars I’ve always got mtec discs and Mintex pads I had ebc red stuff but I fried them so not really a fan of any of what I’ve tried before. I’d like grooved and dimpled or drilled for looks [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. James.c

    Gearbox problem already??!

    Hi guys every now and again I get a warning light coming up for the gearbox saying limited function. It’s maybe happened 3/4 times since I’ve had it, always goes off and stays off next time I turn it off etc, but this morning it did it and wouldn’t change out of 2nd gear?? Am I just doing...
  7. James.c

    Vcds what tricks can I get and is it worth buying my own kit?

    Hey guys I do know a lad who has vcds he unlocked the aux function on my old b6 years ago but his hourly rate isn’t very cheap like most, is it worth buying my own disc and cable? I want to add needle sweep DVD and tv whilst driving I’m not sure if my n/s mirror drops in reverse I moved it...
  8. James.c

    Switched sides from a4 to a6

    Hi everyone I sold my lovely a4 avant last week and picked up an even lovelier a6 avant on Saturday! It’s a 12 plate 3.0 v6 tdi 115k miles White with a ridiculous amount of spec Never had an auto before but I’m loving it at the moment!
  9. James.c

    A question for those with upgraded brakes (pad sensor)

    My brake pad warning light has been on since i fit my s4 brakes and it's making my cluster look untidy haha I've Tried soldering the wires together on an old pad plug and it didn't work has anyone got round this? Those with brembos what did you do? Thanks
  10. James.c

    How much is my car worth?? Time to sell?

    Alright people the time has come where I'm tempted to sell my Audi What do we all think it's worth? 57plate a4 avant 2.0tdi 170 Quattro special edition, Phantom black pearl. It's done 108k dpf delete and map @210hp s4 brakes front and back All the usual special edition black headliner and...
  11. James.c

    Rs4 arb bush update

    For those that didn't know I bought a new rear anti roll bar from the rs4 along with new brackets bolts and drop links. Also some black powerflex bushes. Came to fit and the bushes didn't seem big enough as there was a massive gap But as it was stupid o'clock on Friday night and I was already...
  12. James.c

    Intake manifold brd engine

    Morning all, I posted a while back when I cleaned my intake mani and replaced the little diaphragm actuator on it to stop juddering. I see a lot of 2.0 tdi's with the plastic manifolds buy our ali ones without those little flap things in them, are they prone to breaking? Do we need them and if I...
  13. James.c

    Uprated clutches for 2.0 tdi

    Just having a window shop at uprated clutches for my 2.0 tdi 170 Quattro. Has anyone fitted any? At first I thought there's only really the Sachs sre with organic friction plate darkside charge 690 for the full kit including luk dmf and bearing. Organic should be capable of 370lbft But then I...
  14. James.c

    Anyone with s4 345mm brakes

    Hi guys as you know I got some brakes off a a3/golf r32 for my a4. Everything fits calliper wise but the discs are for the a3's 65mm hub not our 68mm one. I'm getting the ones that came with it made bigger so they fit for now. What I wanted to ask was what disc and pad set ups do people use...
  15. James.c

    Couple of random questions

    I hope they havnt been covered before Iv had a search but couldn't see anything. Number one I really fancy some bigger brakes! Do the s4/r32 345mm fronts fit under my standard 18" le manz black edition wheels? I think either the 256 or 310mm vented rears look mint aswell is the handbrake cable...
  16. James.c

    Egr dpf questions

    Hello everyone, my apologies if it's already been covered already but... I read on darksides page that you shouldn't get an egr delete if you still have the dpf inplace because of the regeneration process? Is that something anyone has read before? I want to delete my egr and in the future get...
  17. James.c

    My latest Audi, an a4 b7 avant black edition quattro

    Hi guys im new on here, I have recently part exchanged my b6 a4 saloon with a remapped pd130 engine for an a4 b7 avant 2.0tdi black edition quattro. I liked my b6 alot it had just done 170k and paintwork wasnt great and as the rear seats didn't fold down so i t hought I'd get an avant next! The...