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    Audi dealer service rip off !

    After having my car checked by 2 different indys ,I have been told that there are codings that only Audi can replace .I have the steering angle sensor fault after removing the battery ,So i went to Audi ,The service manager seemed ok he had the tech look at my car for an hour ,I made it quite...
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    Anyone recommend a good auto technician in Coventry please?

    I need my steering angle sensor sorting .I removed the battery and the crap settings are gone Any ideas please ? I have a cable but it is not adapting ,I want this car gone asap now . I cant travel further at the minute with family issues .
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    Fault codes

    I Just had a local chap check my car ,And these codes came up he was messing about for some time ,Now my power steering has gone heavy ! hes not charging me but i need this car sold to trade up please can someone help ,I keep going round in circles on rosstec 00290 abs wheel speed rear...
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    Disconnected battery and...

    Just been getting my car ready for sale /Upgrade i took the battery off cleaning etc ,And now i am getting esp warning lights and the steering wheels yellow on the dash 'YAWN' poxy new cars annoy me! any idea what i have to do guys please? got a few people wanting to view on the weekend :s
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    What's a 2007 56 plate 2.0tdi sport / Sportback worth ? Im thinking of selling to look at a newer model ,I dont want to loose cash px ' ing it in .Its got 88k Audi history and is coming up to a service A few parking marks but overall its in good nick .Its got coilovers and 19" bbs speedlines...
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    Part number help please

    Need thje part number for the bonnet release cable on a 2007 sportback .sure there all the same ? Cheers Ps mine had rotted away inside the sleave check yours so you dont end up stranded like i did ...
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    opening this dam Bonnet help me please

    Right my cars on low oil warning and basically had the AA muppets tell me it cant be sorted unless i go to Audi this is rediculous this cars an 07 ,the bonnet catch will have been used about 50 times max and its now failed .the cable will not release the bonnet .I am completely stressed out...
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    73 pm's ?

    Dear thanks but So far i have had 73 pms saying your deleting for sale threads thats 73 emails on my iphone also Can you stop now lol
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    The Chase

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. lol
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    "N8" Nathan kowalski appreciation thread :)

    Right lads n lasses .I for one have pestered Nath to death with all kinds of questions on wheels,Tyres , suspension etc etc .Bought and sold with him without a glitch .Hes just sorted one of my Speedlines out without as much as a sweat on his brow LOL ,And all i can say is this Lad is one of...
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    Greece and the Euro

    Dump the Euro i say ,This crappy Euro has ruined countries ,its killed cheap package holidays for us all .Greece is dying because of it .no one wants to go there and pay high Euro prices ! Turkey was cheap its not anymore , All ruined by this reddiculous Euro currency .Ireland's doomed because...
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    Iphone issues

    I can post somtimes on this site with my iphone ,then i go to reply and i get this the box opens then it ghosts out so you cannot type in the box then you get this its ****** annoying when your trying to reply .it does not happen on any other forum i use using safari
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    Some cnut has scraped my rear wheel arch .......and drove offffffffffffffff facking barstewards :(
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    Ebay / Paypal & idiots

    Ebay loosers .ile give you £40 for an item BIN £80 ? huh? GTFO Paypal notice :- Because your account has come up we are with holding your monies for 21 Days ??!!! WTF Pms on here : Hi mate i can buy your S3 bits cheaper at TPS ? Me :-can you get me some then ? Do one you tite **** gits...
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    Tattoo removal anyone ?

    Check this loon out Guy Has Tattoo Removed With Air Grinder Video NOT FOR THE SQUEEMISH
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    Engine management lights on :-/ while away on holiday

    Hi guys ,We are in Margate visiting family for a few days .Now before leaving we did the usual checks ,Plus had four wheel alignment done im putting that here as i think the guy messed with my rear part of the *exhaust ,And i am sure i can here a slight blow now ? *.anyway i *may have slightly...
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    2.0 tdi Manual SB quattro What faults to look for?

    Hi guys ,The misses wants an A3 now and after looking for ages ,We have found a low mile 2006 2.0 tdi Quattro thats got a manual gearbox .Are there any common faults we should look for ? Cheers
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    Food waste rediculous rules :/

    Can you guys have a look at this please .People are dying of starvation on this planet yet reddiculous rules are causing such ludicras wastage .Have a look here Hugh's Fish Fight - Sign-up
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    S3 / Sport Fog light question

    What if any diferences are there in the front fogs from an S3 compared to a sport model ? Can sport fogs be modded to fit an S3 bumper ? Cheers
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    Part number help please guys ?

    I have been trying to track down part numbers for the S3 2007 pre face lift grille surround Not sure i have traced the correct numbers so can some one please check for me 8P4 807 715 2ZZ for chrome 8P4 807 715 VMZ for black I only need the surround as i am going to mod it to look like the...