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  1. Jord_C

    Wanted Audi RS7 Front Grill

    WANTED: Audi RS7 Honeycomb Front Grill - Genuine/Non Genuine I’m after the full mesh grill without the lower ‘Quattro Grill’ PM me!
  2. Jord_C

    RMC Firmware Update

    Gents, Anyone on here that can provide firmware updates for RMC MMI's? After getting my 2011 Audi A7 updated, and hopefully after that a map update also. MMI Software version is '?' currently. So I'm guessing its the earliest version. Thanks in advance.
  3. Jord_C

    DAB Radio Station Loss

    Gents, Nearly a year ago now, one morning I just lost multiple DAB radio stations in my car. I've scanned for new channels and its not re-found them - no matter where in the county I am, the signal strength locally hasn't changed, as my other Audi hasn't lost the stations! I'm wondering is...
  4. Jord_C

    S7 Brake Upgrade!

    Managed to get my hands on some S7 calipers today, and i've been looking about for rotors for them and pads. I've been recommended EBC Redstuff pads, but online they have mixed reviews - are these worth the extra money? Also, I've not been able to find anywhere that does the 400mm discs, as...
  5. Jord_C

    A7 Rear Bumper

    Evening all, Thinking of replacing my pre-facelift A7 rear bumper with a new shape one, as i understand the new style diffusers don't fit the pre-facelift shape. Doesnt anyone know if these bumpers are straight swap? and if so, how easy is bumper removal on the A7 as i cant find any guides...
  6. Jord_C

    Boot Trim removal - Help!

    Searched all over and cant find how to remove it! In the process of removing the boot trim on the driversside of the car which covers up the amp and cables entering the boot. Managed the free off the end nearest the seats, but screwed if i can get it off the clips nearer the hatch! Ive removed...
  7. Jord_C

    Dension Kit Single DIN Concert Stereo

    Here we go.. Bought the Dension gw17ac1 for my b7 a4 S-line Concert (single DIN), to fit it this morning on one of my days off to find the connector for the back of the stereo and wont fit whatsoever, anyone else use the DENSION kit? did you have to buy and adaptor? Many thanks, Jord.
  8. Jord_C

    Interior Rubber Mat and Trims

    Been the 3rd week of owning the a4 now and im loving it! but by the handbrake in the b7s interior, i have noticed their is a cubbyhole. Ive looked through the handbook and seen that it did house a lovely :puke2: cassette holder for a series of cassettes.. It seems the previous owner had the...
  9. Jord_C

    New B7 A4 Owner :-)

    Just thought id post a welcome thread to introduce myself! Im Jordan, and as of wednesday i will be a b7 a4 owner after getting rid of my beloved mk4 golf. Very Excited! Jord.