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  1. Booboo

    For Sale Audi A4 / At Cargo Net

    Here's a link to my cargo net for sale. I'll end it early for a sensible offer. Clicky clicky
  2. Booboo

    For Sale 3.0 TDi DTUK Tuning Box

    Here's a link to my son's and for his tuning box. Open to sensible offers. Clicky clicky
  3. Booboo

    Identify Part Please.

    Found this in the bottom of my son's A5 driver's door. Looks like a cable used to run through it. He can't open the door from outside but we think that's the locking actuator. Any ideas?
  4. Booboo

    Voltage from under bonnet terminals

    Just asking what voltage should I expect from the charge point under the bonnet? I know fully charged I'd should expect 12.8v but would this be the same whilst still connected to the car? I'm getting 12.2v
  5. Booboo

    VAG fault code 20925

    I got this off carista tried to clear but comes straight back. No errors on dash nothing. Any ideas? My battery is only at 60 % charge though according to Carista
  6. Booboo

    Ambient Lighting

    Hi. I've just got my 2018 A4 with tech pack and ambient lighting. Should the ambient lighting stay on in the day light if I put the headlights on manually?
  7. Booboo

    For Sale Audi A4 2.0TFSi Quattro S-Line Black Edition.

    Hi I'm selling my 2014 A4 B8.5 225bhp it's done 99,600 miles. It's had the S-Tronic oil change, a new Aircon condenser, drive select enabled, correctly installed front footwell lights, front and rear parking sensors, flat bottom steering wheel, B&O sound, folding heated wing mirrors, updated to...
  8. Booboo

    Upgraded from B8.5 to B9

    Loads of extras. Tech pack, front & rear parking cameras, extended LED pack, LED headlights, B&O sound, Audi dash cam, extra storage on back of seats, drivers area & sides of boot, heated electric seats, folding mirrors etc. Collect on Friday. It's a TFSi 2L ultra S-Tronic
  9. Booboo

    A B9 A4 or A5 or Merc C Me?

    I'm torn between a B9 A4/A5 or a Merc C class premium plus. It looks like the Merc has literally everything in it for about £19 to £20k for the 2018 model. I've never owned a Merc and the 4matic are a bit rare too. Your thoughts?
  10. Booboo

    Cam position sensor

    Hi where is the cam position sensor on my CNCD 2014 2.0 TFSi engine? Thanks.
  11. Booboo

    TFSi tuning box

    Would a tuning box from an Octavia VRs be the same map and fittings for an A4 2.0TFSi 225bhp both 2014 plate? DTUK won't answer any questions. Suppose because they don't want support the second hand market.
  12. Booboo

    00256 givers for refrigerate pressure

    Is this for low pressure or a duff G395 sensor part No. 4H0959126A ? If I swap the sensor will I need to regas anyway? Also I can't see an O ring bundled with the sensor for sale. Edit:- Most is answered here.
  13. Booboo

    Ea888 Gen3 Injection

    I know we have the multi point injection version of this engine in the UK. How does this work, does it switch from one to another at certain revs? 1 is direct injection (high pressure) and the other is behind the inlet valve (low pressure).
  14. Booboo

    P2279 P0068

    Any ideas on these. Ive what text book meaning is with Carista. What what is the cause? My tick over is ok. I have vacuum at the filler cap and revs rise when I remove the cap. I keep being led to the pcv my car has done 94k is this a good place to start? Cheers
  15. Booboo

    Coolant Temperature

    I have the ea888 gen3 engine. My temperature reaches 90° on the dial rather quick. With in a mile, it always has. It never goes above 90° I logged Torque Pro in and that said my coolant was 104°. Does this sound about right?
  16. Booboo


    I've started to get this code when I start up. If I clear it it's ok for a day or 2 then light stays on at start up. I have the ea888 gen3 2.0TFSi I found this sensor may be at fault 06K907386B
  17. Booboo

    Blower Fan

    Hi does anyone know the part part number for the blower fan on my 2014 A4 with auto climate (in case there is a difference) Recently when I put mine on to clear the front screen it works but makes a humming/droning noise. Can this be cured with lubricant or is it indeed a replacement? I have...
  18. Booboo

    Rear climate controls

    I have a 2014 A4 (Black Edition S-Line) Should the rear climate controls light up? As mine don't Thanks
  19. Booboo

    Air intake Holes

    What he purpose of these holes on the air intake? Allowing all the cool air to leak in the hot engine bay! Or indeed allowing the engine to suck in warm air from the engine bay! I notice the APR after market intake don't have these. Seems crazy to me
  20. Booboo

    Dimming Wing Mirror

    I've noticed my drivers side wing doesn't dim with the passenger & rear view mirrors. I assume the previous owner has been a bit cheap & fit a none dimming in there as a replacement at some point. Where is the best place to get one with paying silly money? Or are they just silly money? I can't...