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  1. RS3 S.

    Ever increasing cost of Fuel !!!.

    Just been up to my Local Esso for some of there 99ron & it's now £159.9 a litre !!!!!. Don't think it will be falling any time soon?.
  2. RS3 S.

    For Sale Possibly for sale. RS6 Performance C7 21'' Alloys.

    If there is any interest these could be up for sale. Perfect C7 Performance alloys with no curb or rim damage. Michelin sport 4 tyres with 5-6mm left on them. Been offered a set of the latest C8 RS6 alloys but would really like to sell these first to off set the cost, no idea what there worth so...
  3. RS3 S.

    A.P.R 10% off the whole of August.

    As above 10% off if anyone fancies a remap?.
  4. RS3 S.

    Audi Dash Cameras.

    Has anyone got them & how do you rate them please?. Had a Blackvue in the past. Thanks in advance.
  5. RS3 S.

    Urgent help required please.

    Cant open the fuel flap on my 2016 RS6 c7. I've been in the boot & pulled the emergency release & that won't open it either. I'm home so that's one thing but only got around 100 miles in the tank which is how i discovered it's stuck when i got to the Esso station to fill up.
  6. RS3 S.

    For Sale Audi owners document wallet.
  7. RS3 S.

    Maxton Design Body kits etc.

    Any one on here used there products please & how is the fit/quality?. Read some online reviews & they were not very good. I like there rear spoiler extension for the A6 Avant & it's not a bad price just not sure now after reading comments ?.
  8. RS3 S.

    C7 RS6 Rear washer.

    Over the weekend i noticed it won't spray water when pushing on the wiper arm. The motor is still pumping, i can here it, front are working fine so i'm thinking the tubing must have broke/split?. I have checked in the boot & it's dry & so is the roof lining. Your thoughts please.
  9. RS3 S.

    Massive thanks !!!!!. DJAlix & T-1000 for the coding & latest map update yesterday. Drove over to see T-1000 at his workshop & Alix did the coding remotely from his house. Audi told me that my 2016 RS 6 was 5 weeks too old to have the Audi smart phone interface installed!!!!! . Spoke to Alix & he said...
  10. RS3 S.

    Blackvue 750s

    Has anyone managed to turn off the really annoying American women's voice who says'' Blackvue for your safe driving'' every time you star up?. Doing my head in now !!!
  11. RS3 S.

    Android Auto.

    Can anyone recommend me a decent installer in North Yorkshire please?.
  12. RS3 S.

    Sold Audi Q5 winter rubber mats.

    Genuine Audi with embossed Q5 on the sides. Only used for 4 months & car is now sold. £30.00 & collection only or could meet locally due to high cost of postage unless you arrange a courier?. As new condition, my car was the 2018 model but i believe they fit from 2017 model?.
  13. RS3 S.

    Sold Q5 Rubber winter mats. Genuine Audi Parts.

    My 2018 SQ5 is now gone & these are just stuck in the garage £30.00. Due to weight collection preferred please. Harrogate North Yorks.
  14. RS3 S.

    Sim card slot.

    Would i be correct that to have this you need to have the ''Audi wireless phone box/charger'' option?. Car is an RS6 c7 2016 with x2 sd card slots in the fold down flap above the heater/aircon controls but no sign of a sim card holder.
  15. RS3 S.

    M.O.T due?.

    Mine is due later this month,with lockdown etc all were supposedly extended automatically for a further 6 months?. With garages opening back up has the auto extension now been removed & cars will need to be tested at there due date?. Cheers guys.
  16. RS3 S.

    Audi parts price !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Just had a reply from crewepartsaudi ref x4 replacement wheel badges/caps for my 2016 RS6.......£39.00 each or £156.00 for the 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Not having a pop at Crewe Audi but that is taking the ****. Bit of time & effort put into the current ones i think. No way are they worth that for a...
  17. RS3 S.

    RS6 c7 Avant L.E.D boot lights bulbs.

    My car has the full L.E.D lights/bulbs in the cabin but the bulbs in the boot are the old style orange/white type. Have you changed yours to L.E.D & if so can you recommend/give me the part numbers please?. Thanks.
  18. RS3 S.

    For Sale Genuine Audi Alloy tyre dust caps.

    Brand new & never fitted. £15.00 inc postage.
  19. RS3 S.

    2016 RS6 C7 Rear exhaust trims.

    If i'm correct the tips are not attached to the actual exhaust just the rear valance?. Is it possible to remove these without removing the exhaust ? . Mine are the satin black finish & i want to remove them for powder coating.
  20. RS3 S.

    For Sale Genuine 2018 Q5 Rubber Mats Front & Rear.

    Genuine Audi Mats. Only used over last winter & for sale as car has gone. £50.00 +£12.00 postage due to weight or collect in person. My car was a 2018 model. These would be over a £100.00 from the dealers.