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  1. Chrismawa

    For Sale Brodit Magnetic Phone Holder for A4 B7/B6

    Brodit mount that clips onto dash without leaving any marks. Perfect fit. Has magnet on for quickly attaching phone via a metal plate stuck to the back of your phone. £15 Can post for extra £2 if needed.
  2. Chrismawa

    For Sale Audi A4 B7 rear arm rest with cupholders

    In great condition. Rear cloth ATM rest with cupholders. £65. Can post for extra.
  3. Chrismawa

    For Sale Audi A4 B7 seat backs with storage nets

    In great condition. Replaces the standard non storage backs on a lot of B7s. Easy to swap in a few minutes. £100 for the pair collected. Can post for extra.
  4. Chrismawa

    Stage 1 Remap Question TFSI

    I'm thinking about getting my TFSI remapped. The cars a low mileage example on about 84k and looks to have been well cared for. I'd like to get it remapped for a bit extra power and better responsiveness but I'm concerned about the clutch. At the moment it drives faultlessly but Im concerned a...
  5. Chrismawa

    Petrol Smell

    Currently got a petrol Smell around the car when it's off and sitting on my drive. I can't see any leaks in the engine or under where the tank is. I'm thinking clogged fuel filter ? I was wanting to change this anyway as it's a bit dubious in the service history. Any one any ideas? Thanks...
  6. Chrismawa

    Wanted A4 B7 Glovebox Fridge

    I'm after a good condition fridge complete with connecting pipe and inner tray.
  7. Chrismawa

    Front Seat Back Removal?

    I have just bought some replacement seat backs that have the cargo net. How easy do the plastic backs come off the front seats? Any guides about? Thanks.
  8. Chrismawa

    Scuttle/Plenum Filling With Water Question

    Im going to clean out the area under the battery as it is suffering from the common issue of filling with water. I know the small drain holes require cleaning out, but is it also advisable to remove the large rubber bungs from the holes in front of the drain holes? Any negative effects to this?
  9. Chrismawa

    Bluetooth Module Codes

    Does anyone have a list of the Bluetooth modules for the B7 and which one is the latest. I'm looking at one that's: 8P0862335Q. Is this one of the later modules? Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  10. Chrismawa

    Mirror Covers Compatibility

    Are the mirror covers compatible between power folding and non folding mirrors? I've got power folding mirrors and I want to buy some S4 aluminium ones. The S4 ones are non folding. I was just going to swap the actual caps over if this is possible.
  11. Chrismawa

    Washer Sensor?

    Do all B7s come with a spot in the washer bottle for the sensor? Mine hasn't got the washer fluid warning so looking to add it. Are there 2 different bottles? or is it the same bottle with a bung in place of the sensor on the poverty models?
  12. Chrismawa

    Bluetooth Options?

    I've got a retrofitted RNSE unit in my B7. What bluetooth options are available for it? How easy is it to add the OEM bluetooth module to it?
  13. Chrismawa

    Snub Mount

    Looking at changing the snub mount on my B7. Will this be the D shaped one or the circular? It's a 2007 2.0 TFSI Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  14. Chrismawa

    Arm Rest Questions

    I've got an arm rest and bracket to go in my B7. It's not come with the 3 nuts. Anyone know what size they are? Also is there a template anywhere so I can cut the centre console in the right place. Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  15. Chrismawa

    Wanted A4 B7 Arm Rest

    After a cloth arm rest. Must be in good condition with a working catch.
  16. Chrismawa

    4GB SD Cards (NON HC)

    Anyone know where I can get these from for my RNSE? Can't see any on Amazon or eBay.
  17. Chrismawa

    Which diverter valve?

    My cars runnig great now after a decoke, new injectors, new spark plugs and new coil packs! Im thinking I may as well change the diverter valve as its probably the original and they are prone to failure. Looking on Awesome theres 2 different ones? Which ones best for my 2.0 TFSI...
  18. Chrismawa

    TFSI Misfire

    I have a misfire on my car at idle and not sure whats causing it. It doesnt seem to be present or effecting the drive but you can here it at idle. I have changed the following: Spark plugs Coil packs PCV Changing these has made a difference but its till there. I have scanned with VCDS and it...
  19. Chrismawa

    DIS and Washer Sensor Question

    I have just fitted and coded full DIS so I now have the washer fluid icon on the dash. I've read that B7s already have a wire in the PIN behind the clocks that goes down to the passenger footwell. Is this correct? If so whereabouts in the footwell is it, as I'd rather earth it from there than...
  20. Chrismawa

    RNSE Kline Issue

    I've fitted an RNSE to my A4 for need to move the Kline wire. I've read I need to move the wwire from C7 in the green to B5 in the blue plug as the pic below. But when I've pulled mine out I don't have a blue connector to put the Kline wire into?? Mine looks like: Any ideas?