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    ST3 group buys? Anymore kicking off?

    I do remaps myself. Altough i do not run big company but work is being done on highest quality level (diagnostics->mod->diagnostics). About dyno, i have G-Tech which is good tester of modded cars on road so in their natural work environment. Test before and after will show you the difference. I...
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    ST3 group buys? Anymore kicking off?

    Can help you with remap. Depends where you're based....
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    2.0 TDI 140 Common Rail Remapped at P-Torque

    If these symptoms were not there befor remap it means that remap itsels causes this. I strongly recommend to get back to stock firmware and if remap is not scrambled can be retrieved and checked wheter it's been done properly ( i don't think so...) or not. Power it not all in remap. I do...