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  1. mike price

    Looking at getting a S3 but.....

    Hey guys, not been on here for a while as i sold my s3 back in 2018 but looking at getting back into another. Went to see one today, a black Sportback reg PL17CVE manual. All was going good until i had spotted the vin number didn't look "factory" to me and then the owner also never had the...
  2. mike price

    Spoiler extension, skirt add on`s??

    Anyone know i can purchase these items ?
  3. mike price

    h&r wheel spacers

    Hey guys recently bought some 20mm and 15mm spacers for my 8v, im curious where best place to get the wheels bolts to suit any help be great thank you
  4. mike price

    Need advice !!! car replacement

    Right guys some of you may know the saga i have been having with Audi since i had my new s3 back in December, Long story short my s3 has a serious issue and after the 4th time of it going wrong i handed the car back in febuary. Here is a previous thread that explains all...
  5. mike price

    Facelift Finally my replacement has arrived !!

    Roll on September the 1st
  6. mike price

    Facelift Anyone fitted mudflaps

    Anyone managed to fit mudflaps to the facelift 8v? I can find fronts but not the rears ??
  7. mike price

    Facelift Price Hike !!

    Well literally over night the price of my spec`d S3 has gone up from 35k to nearly 40k within a week. (same spec) Am i missing something?
  8. mike price

    Facelift Show us your Nano Greys !!

    as title says, fire away
  9. mike price

    Facelift show us your Ara Blues!!

    as title say`s, be it saloon, hatch or sport back. GO!!
  10. mike price

    Facelift Had the worst experience ever !

    So guys if you have seen my posts relating to my S3 having issues you will know the disappointment i have had since the start. Brief re-cap on events. Picked the car up 30th November, 17th Of December light comes on dash (Contact workshop) turn car off turn back on light goes away, contact...
  11. mike price

    Facelift Broke again !

    So if people followed my last post about my S3 breaking, well its done the same thing again, coding for the cruise control. So heart destroying seeing your pride and joy on a tow truck !
  12. mike price

    Facelift Is any tuning companys mapping the gearbox yet?

    Hey Guys, just seeing if anyone knows if tuning companys are doing the map on the dsg yet for the new 7 speed? I know companys can map the new one but hey can do gearbox. Any help be great
  13. mike price

    Anyone using the racingline springs??

    As title asks, is anyone using the racing line springs, apparently they are vag approved ie not invalidating any warranty. just the drop is 30mm seems alot, just curious if anyone has them to show the drop . thank you...
  14. mike price

    Lowering a car on mag ride

    Hey guys, does it matter if you have mag ride when fitting lowering springs, only looking at 15-20mm h&r`s just curious if the car will reconise something different and throw up a light. Thank you
  15. mike price

    Facelift Winter wheels have arrived

    Finally my winter wheels have arrived. Saves my original wheels from the salt etc on the roads.
  16. mike price

    good video (contains fast 8p)

  17. mike price

    Digital 0-60 gauge, boost pressure etc

    Hey guys, flicking through you tube and came across this golf r that has a fancy gauge in the vent, does anyone know if there is a similar one for the s3??
  18. mike price

    Facelift New Snow Foam, Quattro badge, Calipers Painted

    So been thinking is there a snow foam for white cars as obviously majority of snow foam is white hence the name but you cant always see where its been on a white car, so i got some strawberry colored snow foam, much much better and the smell, well i could almost eat it. Did paint calipers a...
  19. mike price

    Facelift Audi not doing exclusive color atm

    Anyone else heard this? someone i know after java green but they said audi stopped doing exclusive colors at the moment
  20. mike price

    Spent some time with my other car (cavalier turbo)

    so today i thought id get the cav out the garage and wipe the dust off her seeing as my main car (audi s3) is in audi getting repaired.