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  1. viceroy

    Telephone not installed

    Carista should pick up the module if its there.
  2. viceroy

    Telephone not installed

    Have you tried scanning the car. If the telephone module is installed, it will show up there
  3. viceroy

    Joined the S4 club

    Or gunmetal. Goes so well with the blue!! ps. Congrats.
  4. viceroy

    Dual pulley setup

    I believe a lot of the Audizine guys are going upgraded crank pulley because the OEM one could delaminate causing damage. The bigger lighter aftermarket crank pulleys are single piece so do away with that risk, but yes, I agree, extra cooling is a must if going this route.
  5. viceroy

    Petrol or diesel

    They definately do exist, just not in the UK it seems. Basically cost the same as the 3.0TDI but comes with a 200kW/400Nm (compared to the S4's 245kW/440Nm) engine.
  6. viceroy

    Petrol or diesel

    I never had this issue, in fact I usually had to persuade people that it wasn't a petrol powered car. 330hp out of the 3.0TDI is easily achievable without too much spend. Basically tune, exhaust, intercooler and watermeth. This will get you low 13s 1/4mi with a manual and high 13s with...
  7. viceroy

    Steering rack

    It's all one unit as far as I can tell.
  8. viceroy

    Petrol or diesel

    Do you really not get an A4 with a detuned 3.0tfsi?
  9. viceroy

    Petrol or diesel

    Before I got my S4, I had a B8 3.0TDI, and for daily driving feel, the 3.0TDI is a better drive because it has so much torque low down in the rev range. If you're looking for actual performance, stock for stock, the S4 is faster. I'd imagine the A4 3.0TFSI compared to the 3.0TDI would be closer...
  10. viceroy

    Tail Light Modifications

    This is awesome. Means I'll be able to code my aftermarket dectane lights so the brake leds ALL light up instead of only the outer lights.
  11. viceroy

    Is it wrong that I'm already considering remapping my S4!?!?

    I've gone a bit of a different route with mine. I did intake and exhaust first. Next up I'll do tune and pulley.
  12. viceroy

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Waiting in line to get on the dyno.
  13. viceroy

    P3 vent gauge

    I've got one of these too. Awesome piece of kit, but beware the installation. When removing the two lower slats, make sure to keep all the rest in place, otherwise you'll be spending a good portion of time trying to get it all back together again.
  14. viceroy

    Steering rack

    I've just had my rack replaced, but the symptoms are totally different. Steering is fine when the car is cold, but once warmed up, there is a clunk when the wheel is turned. Issue was a faulty bearing in the power steering pump
  15. viceroy

    Euro roc s4 intake ?

    From what I see on Audizine, the US guys are struggling to get these.
  16. viceroy

    Chops S4 thread

    Looking very good Chops
  17. viceroy

    Audi A4 B8 2008 honeycomb grill

    There is no difference between the 2008 B8 and 2009+ B9 grilles.
  18. viceroy

    B9 S4 Info Thread

    354hp = 349bhp?
  19. viceroy

    B9 S4 Info Thread

    but will there be a manual transmission? Nevermind, just read the second article link. 8spd ZF only